How to Activate the Facebook Dating App in 2022?

facebook dating not showing up

With Facebook dating, a new Meta feature, you can meet new people and embark on dates. You can create a dating profile and search for those who have similar interests to you. Your main profile and your dating profile will be separate.

Depending on your likes, preferences, and locations, people will be suggested to you. Numerous people have complained that Facebook Dating is not working.

If you’re under 18 or aren’t using the Facebook app, you can run into this problem. If you use the Facebook app and are 18 years of age or older and are still having problems, you can attempt these common remedies to solve the issue.

Get Facebook Dating App 2022 Instructions

facebook dating not showing up

Would you like to learn how to get this app? You need to straighten things up! This feature cannot possibly be downloaded by you on your own. The function is introduced by Facebook directly on its home page, however, it initially only works in 20 countries.

Only users in these 20 countries who use this social media platform are permitted to use it. Follow the instructions in this article to see if it is accessible where you are.

You will learn that the dating app is located directly inside the main Facebook app if you attentively and diligently read and apply the advice in this post. This makes it clear that the dating app is actually a Facebook app.

You must first download and install the main Facebook app on your device before using Facebook dating. On desktops, though, you may just go to the Facebook website to access it. This section of the post will concentrate on the methods for logging into Facebook on desktop computers and mobile devices.

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iPhones and Android Devices

  • Visit the App store on your smartphone.
  • Enter and look up Facebook
  • Pick the Facebook application.
  • Click Install or Get to begin the download.

The software should now begin to download to your phone as a result. Open the app and sign in to your account, or create one if you don’t already have one after the download is finished.


You must use the Facebook website in your web browser since this app cannot be used on desktops or PCs.

  • Open a web browser
  • Enter and look up
  • Create an account or, if you already have one, log in.

Facebook App Update

facebook dating not showing up

If the problem persists, you should first try upgrading the Facebook app. If you haven’t updated your Facebook app, you’re most likely to run into the problem. On your device, access the app store and update the Facebook app.

You should be able to use Facebook Dating after the Facebook app has been updated. If this feature still doesn’t appear, you can proceed to the next step in this article’s troubleshooting guide.

Check that Your Internet Is Reliable

A reliable internet connection is another item to guarantee. If your internet is unstable, you are most likely to experience the problem. Using, you may assess the internet’s speed.

Most likely, you are experiencing problems because of a slow connection. You should try troubleshooting internet connection issues before determining whether or not you are experiencing the issue.

If your internet is steady, on the other hand, it’s probably not the cause of your problem. If your internet is functioning properly and this is not the cause of Facebook Dating not appearing, you should move on to the next troubleshooting step.

Empty the Facebook App Cache

facebook dating not showing up

If you run into this problem, you might also try emptying the Facebook App’s cache. Just skip this step if you’re using an iPhone or iPad because you can’t clear the cache on an iOS device. If you have an Android device, follow the instructions below to clear the cache for the Facebook app:

  • The Facebook app icon in the app drawer should be pressed and held.
  • Tap the App details icon after that.
  • Tap the Storage option on the following screen.
  • To clear the app’s cache, click Clear Cache now.
  • The Facebook Dating function should now be visible if you restart the Facebook App and clear its cache.

Install Facebook App Again

Install Facebook App Again

You should try reinstalling the Facebook app if you still can’t find the Facebook Dating option there. Reinstall the Facebook app from the app store after removing it from your smartphone. Open the Facebook app right now and sign into your account. The Facebook Dating feature is now accessible on your Facebook app.

Speak to the Facebook Help Center

You can speak with the Facebook Help Center about your problem if Facebook Dating is still not appearing. They will aid you with the problem you’ve been having and perhaps even help you solve it.

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You can use the instructions in this post to get the Facebook Dating feature if you can’t find it. If the Facebook Dating function is not available on your Facebook app, simply follow the instructions above to get it.

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