Stuck on the Amazon Logo: How to Fix Boot-Up Issues with Your Fire TV Stick

The Amazon Fire TV Stick has numerous advantages, including being a multipurpose gadget that easily converts any TV into a smart TV and provides users with access to a variety of streaming services from one convenient place. But, just as with any technology, there can occasionally be issues with using it. During boot-up, one of the most frequent problems is the Fire TV Stick becoming stuck on the Amazon logo.

When this occurs, what ought to be a brief procedure becomes an arduous waiting game, frustrating you and preventing you from accessing your information. Although there are a number of potential causes for your Fire TV Stick to freeze at the starting screen, such as hardware or power supply problems, the good news is that the majority of them are simple to resolve, so you can quickly resume streaming video on your device.

Reasons behind Fire Stick’s Stuck Amazon Logo

When a Fire Stick freezes at the Amazon logo, there are numerous possible causes. If your Fire Stick is freezing, it’s usually a transient issue that may be fixed by restarting it or switching to a different HDMI port on your TV.

There aren’t always simple solutions to fix a broken Fire Stick, so if none of the suggestions below work, there might be an internal issue that needs to be addressed.

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How to Remove the Fire Stick from the Amazon Logo

firestick stuck on amazon logo

Even though it might not be easy to figure out why your Fire Stick is frozen right away, there are a few simple solutions you can attempt to defrost it.

Hold off. A frozen Fire Stick may occasionally unfreeze on its own if you give it enough time; this may not seem like much. You should try different solutions if this resolves the issue but it reappears later.

Let your Fire Stick restart. As there isn’t a separate power button on a Fire Stick, you must unplug it from your TV, wait 30 seconds, and then plug it back in to restart the device. This can resolve short-term problems and power cycle your Fire Stick.

Choose another HDMI port. Your TV and Fire Stick may occasionally have a connection problem. To see whether the issue still exists, try switching the HDMI port that your Fire Stick is connected to.

A different TV might be a better fit for your Fire Stick. It’s possible that your TV is having problems rather than the Fire Stick itself. If the issue still exists after trying your Fire Stick with a different TV, it is much more likely to be a problem with the Stick itself.

Directly connect the Fire Stick to your television. Remove any HDMI extender, hub, adapter, or other device you may be using from your Fire Stick and connect it straight to the TV. This will assist in determining if there is an issue with your Fire Stick or not.

Verify if your TV is HDCP compatible. The majority of TVs and gadgets come pre-installed with HDCP functionality, but if your TV is quite old, it might not. For the Amazon Fire Stick to function, this feature is necessary.

Speak with Amazon customer service. In the event that all other options are exhausted, there might be an issue with your Fire Stick that you are unable to resolve through troubleshooting. Make sure the representative knows what actions you have made in an attempt to resolve the issue.


With a Fire Stick that is stuck looking for the remote, how do I set up Wi-Fi settings?

The remote should pair itself after your Fire Stick is configured. Initiate Fire Stick remote pairing by following the instructions if this connection fails. Take out the batteries from the remote control, plug the Fire Stick back in, replace the batteries, and then press and hold the Home button on the remote. After connecting the remote, if your Fire Stick is still not connected to the internet, check your network settings and Wi-Fi signal.

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How can I free a non-functioning Fire Stick control that is stuck?

firestick stuck on amazon logo

Check the arrangement of the batteries or swap them out for new ones in order to fix a broken Fire Stick remote. Try fixing your remote control: Reboot your Fire Stick, then approach it with the remote and give it a ten-second push for Home. Also, be careful to get rid of anything that can interfere with the Bluetooth signal, like obstacles and devices.