Free Movie Apps For Android: 10 Of The Best Free Movies App! [Legal]

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Free Movie Apps For Android

Movies are the first thing that spring to mind when you think of entertainment. Smartphones of days have strong enough screens and processors to play back movies and videos in excellent quality. Do you want to learn about free Android apps for watching movies?

Although the idea of watching a movie on your smartphone via streaming is appealing, picking the right movie app can be a challenge. There are tens of thousands of free movie apps in the Play Store, but it might be difficult to narrow it down to the one you actually need.

If you own an Android device, check out these top movie streaming apps. Although it is possible to view a free movie on YouTube every once in a while, this occurrence is so uncommon that we decided to leave it off the list. In addition, services like Amazon Prime and Google Movies, among others, often give away or rent movies for free. These are much rarer today than they were in the past, although they do occur on occasion.

1. Crunchyroll

Price: Free / $5.99+ per month

In most of the world, Crunchyroll is the go-to site for watching anime online. There’s a tonne of content, and they add more with each new season. That also involves watching movies. If you don’t mind commercials, you can watch as much as you like on Crunchyroll’s free tier. In 2022, after acquiring Funimation, Crunchyroll began incorporating the service into its own. In this respect, you have absolutely no rivals. If you’re into anime, Crunchyroll is where it’s at.

2. Hotstar

Price: Free / Varies

Free Movie Apps For Android

In India and other countries with a large population, Hotstar is one of the most downloaded applications because of its free movies. With a free membership, you might not be able to watch every movie or episode of every show, but you can watch live sports. The streams do not appear to have any issues, and commercials are present as expected. Despite its limited selection, it’s a perfectly adequate free streaming service. As a result of technical difficulties during the World Cup, several users have expressed dissatisfaction with Jio TV and the app.

3. Plex

Price: Free / $4.99 per month

Free Movie Apps For Android

A year ago, Plex wasn’t on our list, but times have changed. The company just introduced an on-demand video service with more than a thousand available movies. Both mainstream Hollywood productions and smaller, more niche films are included. There is some TV, but it’s really not that great. Even so, the variety is better than usual for the market. When you sign up for an account, you can immediately begin watching movies.

Similar to the other services on this list, there is some advertising, but it’s not too intrusive given that the content is free. In the future, the company will produce even more premium and free materials like this. Additionally, if you already have media stored on your PC and would like to stream it to your TV, Plex is your best bet.

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4. Popcornflix

Price: Free

Free Movie Apps For Android

Popcornflix is a free app that just streams movies, and it’s great. The app only has 700 movies, but they upload more all the time. A wide variety of genres, as well as some foreign films, are included. The app performs as advertised, thus there are no unpleasant surprises in its operation. However, the streaming quality is merely adequate, and many users have complained about buffering. On the other hand, it’s not terrible when it does its job.

5. Yidio

Price: Free / Varies

To put it simply, Yidio is not a video streaming app. However, it is a great tool for finding streaming media. It searches Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Showtime, and over 300 more services to help you find the movies you want to watch. See if any services offer to legally stream them for free. Ads and suggested material can be intrusive at first, but you quickly adjust. Even if you can’t watch any of the content here, it’s still a fantastic way to look for it.

6. Crackle

Price: Free

Free Movie Apps For Android

When it comes to free mobile movie apps, Sony’s Crackle is among the best known. There are many popular books, TV shows, and genres to pick from. It even includes Nielson rating software so that you can contribute to the overall popularity rankings. The actual quality of the streaming service is really poor and needs to be improved greatly. To be sure, we anticipate development in the future. While it has a large user base, it does not have the finest free video streaming solution.

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7. Hoopla Digital

Price: Free

Free Movie Apps For Android

The free multimedia distribution platform Hoopla Digital has it all. With your library card and the help of the local library, you can get access to a wealth of information at no cost. Everything from movies and television shows to ebooks, music, and comic books is fair game. Support for Android TV and Chromecast is built into the app as well. You can use your library card with Hoopla, but only if your library participates in the Hoopla network. Besides that, though, it functions adequately.

8. Kodi

Price: Free

Free Movie Apps For Android

Android users can use Kodi, a media player app, to watch videos and other content. It has a full user interface for managing media playing and can play videos and music from local storage. To add to its versatility, it supports plugins, many of which provide access to free media. For that reason, we cannot include many of such plugins on this page. Some services, however, like USTVNow, provide free access to a wide variety of television networks and the movies they air.

9. Pluto TV

Price: Free

In addition to Showtime, another well-liked free movie app is Pluto TV. It provides access to hundreds of channels and thousands of on-demand movies and TV series. It functions similarly to the rest. You watch commercials in return for free video material. This one has 17 genre-specific movie channels, including those dedicated to horror, romance, comedy, and more. The advertisements aren’t as intrusive as those on comparable apps. Our top ten ranking includes this as one of the best choices.

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10. Tubi

Price: Free

To watch movies and TV shows without spending a dime, download the popular app Tubi. Many users don’t seem to mind the adverts, and the service guarantees 100% legal streaming. You can also choose from numerous genres and countries of origin. Even if you’re looking for something specific, like anime, you can locate it. Despite the fact that it has all the makings of a great all-in-one streaming service, it ultimately falls short of competing offerings in more specialized areas. Nonetheless, this is a top pick and one of the best in its category.

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