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free music download sites

Finding and downloading new music doesn’t have to be expensive; if you know where to look, many outstanding musicians have chosen to make their work freely available for download. Here, we’ve chosen the top five completely legal and ethical providers of free music downloads.

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Where to find free music downloads quickly

  • Soundcloud
  • Last.FM
  • Noisetrade
  • Jamendo Records
  • Bandcamp

The music is still copyrighted and cannot be distributed in any other way unless expressly stated otherwise, despite the fact that artists have decided to release their work for free on these websites. Simply post a link to the artist’s profile if you come across anything amazing, and everyone wins.

Our top picks for free music are the websites listed below, but some of the major online music retailers also provide free tunes for download.

If you can’t find what you’re searching for here, check out Amazon’s free music options(opens in new tab) and Google Play’s free song of the week(opens in new tab).

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1. SoundCloud

free music download sites


Free music may be found and downloaded on SoundCloud(opens in a new tab), which has a fantastic tagging system that makes it simple to search by genre. Although not all songs are free, you might be surprised by how many are.

To buy or download music, depending on how the artist has chosen to release it, look at the bottom of the page next to the various sharing choices when you find one you like.

You will immediately start following an artist when you download a track, but you can stop following them at any time if you change your mind. Additionally, you might be asked to “like” the artist’s Facebook page.

Playlists as a whole cannot be downloaded; only individual tracks can. MP3 downloads are made available.

2. Last.FM

free music download sites

The Last.FM music streaming service is undoubtedly already recognisable to you, but it also offers free track downloads.

The free downloads section(opens in a new tab) is hidden behind a small link at the bottom of the homepage, but once you get there, you’ll discover a wide selection of songs from both well-known artists and small indie bands.

Unfortunately, there is no way to sort or filter the downloading tracks, so you’ll need to spend some time exploring, streaming, and previewing to discover what you want. If you’re looking for something new, though, this is not always a negative thing.

You can download every piece of free music in MP3 format.

Obtain no-cost songs from Last.FM

3. NoiseTrade

free music download sites

All of the music on NoiseTrade is available for free download, but there is one catch: the “trade” required is your email address and postal/ZIP code, which will be used to send newsletters and reveal the location of fans to artists.

With a simple and clear design, NoiseTrade’s tagging system makes it easy to find new music that is comparable to some of your current favourites.

Musicians can utilise NoiseTrade for free, and you can tip your favourite recently discovered artists to support their work.

NoiseTrade doesn’t simply sell music; it also lets users download books in MOBI and EPUB formats on a wide range of subjects.

4. Jamendo Music

free music download sites

Jamendo Music connects listeners and artists by offering musicians a platform to reach new audiences while also helping listeners find new tracks to like. This is true of many other free music download websites as well.

One of the simplest methods to locate the music you’ll like is to listen to the themed radio stations on Jamendo. Simply click the tiny download icon in the toolbar at the bottom of your browser window to download the song that is currently playing.

While you can start listening and downloading without creating an account, several functions, including track skipping, are only accessible to registered users. MP3 music files are made available.

When you need a song to use in a video, Jamendo Music is a great resource. It’s not simply a great site to acquire free music for your personal entertainment.

Although using music in videos might be a nightmare in terms of intellectual property, Jamendo is a great place to start. It costs US$9.99 to use music from Jamendo in videos, however, there are a variety of licences available, all of which are outlined in simple English.

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5. Bandcamp

free music download sites

Most independent artists and small labels use Bandcamp to acquire their own storefront, reach new audiences, and generate money from their music, however, some have chosen to provide tracks for free download. Simply type “free download” into the search bar to find tracks that you may download for any amount.

Bandcamp is everything MySpace wanted to be but never became; it looks fantastic and is a delight to use. Each artist has a unique website with a biography, discography, song previews, and reviews—all of which are of the highest calibre and are actually helpful.

Check out Bandcamp’s tags to locate new songs (opens in new tab). In addition to searching for songs in a specific genre, you can also filter your results by location.

Although there is a strong emphasis on the UK and US, there is also a respectable collection of music from Asia and continental Europe. You can select to receive email updates from the artist and download the tracks in MP3 format.

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