Free Text App: 6 Most Useful, Free Messaging Applications for iOS and Android

free text app

You may not always want to utilize the built-in texting app on your phone. After all, SMS texting consumes data from your phone plan, which could be expensive – particularly when traveling abroad.

Numerous free texting apps provide advantages over the default texting software on your phone, including the ability to use WiFi instead of data plans. Here are seven of the top choices for both iPhone and Android.

With over 2 billion users, WhatsApp is the most widely used texting software in the world, which means that if you need to text someone, there’s a decent chance that they already use WhatsApp on either iOS or Android.

WhatsApp includes free texting, picture, and video messaging, file sharing, and audio and video calling among its many functions. It also achieves that while using complete end-to-end encryption.

Additionally, it can handle a wide range of communication scenarios because it supports video calls with up to four people and group chats with up to 256 participants.


free text app

Since Viber is less well-known in the US, it could be difficult to convince other users to download it on their iOS or Android device. Nevertheless, it’s a complete text messaging tool that may meet all of your communication demands.

It allows you to hold text chats with up to 250 users at once and hold audio and video calls with up to 40 people at once. All texts and calls on Viber are fully end-to-end encrypted, and for further protection, you can share secret keys with certain contacts.

Even if the person you’re calling doesn’t have a Viber account, you may still use the app to call them using a Viber Out subscription.


free text app

Although Messenger is a standalone app for iOS and Android, you don’t even need to be a Facebook user to use it. Messenger is Facebook’s messaging service.

Even said, the fact that it is connected to Facebook and that messaging is easy to do while using the social networking platform contributes significantly to its appeal.

You may send voice and video chats using Messenger, and it allows you to send group SMS to up to 150 users simultaneously. Although conversations aren’t by default encrypted, you may switch to Messenger’s “secret” mode to encrypt all of your text messages from beginning to end.


free text app

Telegram mostly focuses on messaging and places less emphasis on video chats. You can SMS up to 200,000 users at once, effectively supporting an infinite number of users.

Despite the fact that Telegram does not come with end-to-end encryption out of the box, you may send secret chats that self-destruct after a predetermined period of time, erasing any traces of them on your iOS or Android device.

Of course, you may send voice, files, and pictures in addition to text. Any one-on-one chat can be upgraded to video, but group chats can only be phone calls.


free text app

End-to-end encryption has been a feature added to several texting services in recent years, but Signal has always included it in all text, audio, and video interactions.

Additionally, the app is not advertised and is run by a nonprofit with no known interest in selling your personal information. All things considered, Signal is a great option for safe, private, and encrypted texting.

It is accessible on both iOS and Android, however, there is an advantage for Android users in particular: Signal may be set up to become the default text app on your phone in place of the default messaging app, but only communications with other Signal users will be encrypted.


free text app

When you join up for TextNow, they provide you a SIM card for your phone that enables you free voice and texting via their cellular network with your own phone number.

This allows you to use your phone (iOS or Android) even if you don’t have a standard wireless data plan. Because of this, TextNow is a fantastic choice for a secondary phone or a phone to offer your child. You won’t receive any data through this, therefore WiFi is still required to utilize standard apps.

However, TextNow provides the essentials, including messaging, without charge, even if it depends on banner advertisements to cover costs.


free text app

On iOS and Android, Text+ offers voice calling and messaging capabilities similar to TextNow. In order for Text+ to function, you must have WiFi enabled on your phone, as opposed to TextNow, which sends you a SIM card.

You receive a phone number, enjoy limitless free texting, and pay $0.02 per minute for outgoing voice calls (incoming calls are free).

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