Games Like Wordle: There Are only A Handful of Games that Are Just Like Wordle!

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games like wordle

Wordle may be the most famous mobile puzzle game ever, but what other games should you try? Here are 15 Wordle alternatives that you should try in 2022.

Wordle is a puzzle game created by Josh Wardle that challenges players to guess a five-letter word while providing hints with each try. The game gained in popularity in 2022 and was at once incredibly entertaining and frustratingly challenging. Even the New York Times bought a copy of the game.

Wordle’s fame has inspired a wave of copycats and sparked a demand for mobile-based word games, but which of this imitation Wordle games are actually worthwhile?

Below is a list of the top Wordle alternatives available in 2022 for PC and mobile devices. While some take the idea and alter it in inventive and enjoyable ways, others are strikingly similar.


games like wordle

Scrabble is without a doubt the king of all word-based board games, but the company has frequently had trouble adapting to mobile gaming. Over the years, there have been many different Scrabble apps, but the current version is perfect in every way.

Try Scrabble’s newest mobile offering if you enjoy playing the original Scrabble with your family and friends or are looking for an app to test your brain like Wordle. Although it’s difficult to ignore Wordle’s influence on this version, let’s not forget that Scrabble had a major impact on all mobile word games.

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games like wordle

In essence, Nerdle is Wordle with numbers instead. Even though it won’t appeal to everyone, math enthusiasts will likely find it entertaining. It is similar to Wordle in many ways as well, using the gameplay mechanics and rules of that game but with a numerical twist.

Nerdle is a great way to retaliate against Wordle competitors if words aren’t your thing but numbers are. Download the app with your buddies, then start the mathematical mayhem.

The mystery equation’s answers and hints for today can be found in our daily Nerdle guide.


Dordle provides players with an additional challenge, taking the word guessing algorithm one step farther than Wordle. Every time you log into Dordle, you’ll be given two words to guess rather than just one.

You will have seven chances to guess the correct response as opposed to Wordle’s six due to the additional word. Players have the chance to put their word-guessing skills to the test with this double the challenge, double the fun game!

Our daily Dordle guide provides all the information you need if you need assistance figuring out the mystery words.


Another geography-based guessing game is Globle, in which players must identify a country’s name from anywhere in the world without the use of any suggestions. When you guess, the game simply shows a red colour palette; the hotter the colour, the closer you are to getting it correctly. This is the sole sign that you’re on the right track.

Those who wish to put their geographic knowledge to the test may find this game to be a difficult task but also quite rewarding.

A representation of the Globle play instructions showing the colour palette hint system
To assist the player, Globle employs a colour-palette system rather than letters.


games like wordle

Perhaps the most challenging Wordle-inspired game is Quordle. In Quordle, you just need to guess one word per day, while here you have to guess four. This game is for you if you want a challenge and want to push the boundaries of your vocabulary.

You only have nine chances to decode all four words, so each guess must be accurate. For those who want to warm up before starting their daily challenge, the game also has a practice mode.


games like wordle

Though written down, Wordle appears to be a whole distinct game. This is based on geography rather than words, as the name would imply. You’ll be tasked with identifying the country after viewing its outline and learning some of its fundamental characteristics in the game.

Of course, some countries are simple to identify—anyone of us could pick out Italy or the UK—but the real fun starts when the app starts displaying images of countries with land borders. Your understanding of the globe map will be especially helpful at this point.


Waffle is distinct from Wordle in that it focuses more on decoding words than guessing what they are. The objective of the game is to identify each word from a crossword grid filled with various words.

As the letters you’ll need are already there, it appears to be simpler than Wordle, but you’ll need to know the word’s definition in order to use it. Waffle occasionally manages to stump even the most accomplished wordsmiths, and it’s a great way to pick up some new vocabulary.

Similar to Wordle, Waffle focuses on unjumbling words.


games like wordle

Heardle is an audio-based variation on the Wordle formula where players must identify a well-known song from a brief audio clip rather than guessing a word every day. There is a tonne of variation because the songs can be anything from timeless favourites to current smashes.

Heardle gives you six chances to guess the right song, so prepare your ears before pressing play! Our daily Heardle guide has all the information you need to identify the music for today.


Taylordle is an identical music-based guessing game like Heardle that is entirely centred around Taylor Swift’s catalogue. Every day, players will be asked to guess the right Taylor Swift song, and they will have six chances to get it right.

You can still discover tips for the most recent answers in our daily guide even though the game is now disabled in order to benefit the Lilith Fund Charity.


Similar to Wordle but using the traditional crossword format is Crosswordle. Your task is to work backwards to identify the rest of the grid after the game provides the solution at the bottom of the screen.

The game is just Wordle in reverse, which is a creative concept that works well for some traditional crossword puzzles. This will appeal to you if you like either of them.


Your language abilities will be put to the ultimate test in the word game Octordle. Players have only 13 tries to predict eight words in this Wordle-inspired daily challenge.

As with previous Wordle offshoots, each word has five letters, but other than that, there are no connections between the words. Octordle might be the right game for you if you’re seeking a genuine challenge to wake up your brain each morning.


games like wordle

Similar to Wordle, Squabble has the benefit of multiplayer. It takes ideas from Wordle and Words With Friends and combines them into a fresh experience; the gameplay even has elements of a battle royale game.

Each member in the group can enter a match here and attempt to guess a word. Players are eventually eliminated one at a time until only the winner is left as a result of giving incorrect answers.

Squabble gives you the chance to rule over a group of people, whether they are strangers or friends, in a word-based match of wits.

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The goal of the Wordle-inspired game Jumble is to solve a certain number of anagrams each day. It offers a unique twist on the word puzzle format and frequently presents a difficult task for those who want to put their wordsmithing skills to the test.


games like wordle

Fans of the Star Wars film series will love this game as their daily challenge. A five-letter word can be guessed six times in SWordle, a pop culture-inspired Wordle variation where the solution will always be related to Star Wars.

Due to the size of the Star Wars universe, SWordle is both a guessing game and a game of trivial knowledge. Even experts who know everything there is to know about a galaxy far, far away will find it challenging.

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