How to Set a GIF Profile Picture on Discord?

Do you want to know how to make a GIF for your Discord profile picture? For the next three months, you can update your profile picture without incurring any costs by switching to a GIF instead of a static one. The steps for obtaining GIF PFP are outlined here.

When using a GIF in Discord, is there a time limit on the PFP?

One of the most amazing aspects of the Discord program is the Discord PFP, which is used to portray a user’s character. From the perspective of a first-time user of Discord, the issue of how long a gif PFP Discord may continue may arise.

The Discord PFP will remain active until the user decides to deactivate it. However, only Nitro users can view the GIF Discord PFP. As a result, the GIF Discord will transform into the picture when the Nitro membership runs out.

As an added bonus, GIFs up to 15 seconds in duration and 100 MB in size can be uploaded to Discord.

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Tutorial on Making a GIF for Use in Discord’s Private Messages.

Before making a GIF for Discord PFP, you should familiarise yourself with its requirements. To use GIFs in Discord PFP, they must be no larger than 8MB. Discord PFP suggests GIFs be 128 pixels wide and high.

The next step in GIF creation is to locate an appropriate GIF by browsing a site like Tenor or GIPHY, where you’ll find a massive library of animated images. If you want to use the download GIF in Discord PFP, you’ll need to perform some resizing on EZgif. You may find the instructions below.

Start by grabbing a GIF:

Step 1:To begin, open a web browser and go to either GIPHY or Tenor.


Step 2: Next, look for a GIF on the internet that you find amusing or that represents a popular meme. You’ll get access to an enormous library of animated GIFs.

Step 3: After deciding on a GIF, right-click it and select Open Image in New Tab from the context menu.


Step 4: After the GIF has opened in a new tab, right-click on the GIF and select “Save Images As” to save the GIF to your device.


Secondly, adjust the dimensions of the GIF you downloaded.

Step 1: Fire up Your Favorite Web Browser and Head on Over to The E Zgif Homepage.


Step 2: Select Resize, and Then Add the Gif You Just Downloaded. to Finish, Select the Upload Option and Press the Button.


Step 3: Set Both the Width and Height to 128.

Step 4: Select a Resizing Strategy to Reduce the File Size if The Gif Is More than 8 Mb.


Step 5: Select the Resize Image Menu Item. Next, Choose Save to Store the Resized Gif on Your Computer.


Methods for Resolving Discord’s Inability to Use GIF PFP

You can’t use a GIF as your profile image since it doesn’t support that format. Can’t use GIF PFP in Discord, why not? I’ve compiled a list of potential answers to help you deal with this issue.

  • A Discord Nitro account is a must.
  • Verify that you can connect to the web.
  • The Discord PFP should use the GIF format instead of the WebM format.
  • To share the GIF with iOS users, just reupload it from your computer.
  • Launch Discord once again.

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Everyone gains more attention when their profile picture moves, hence setting a GIF file as your Discord PFP has become popular. We’ve covered where to look for the perfect GIF and how to edit it so it can be used as your Discord PFP. If you’re having trouble making the GIF your Discord PFP, try the following.