Is It Safe to Download GIMP for Windows and Mac?


Nobody will contest that using the program is simple, but with a little work, GIMP can produce results that are (almost?) as good as those of its paid-for counterpart, with a few exceptions.

The Number One Free Image Editing App

We occasionally discuss venerable bits of software, but GIMP really takes the cake. When it comes to free ways to edit your photos, images, and pictures, this wonderful program, which has been around since 1996, continues to reign supreme in its field.

Being an open-source tool, you can not only use and download it for free, but you can also tweak it to suit your specific needs if you so choose. Because this tool has a steep learning curve, much like its cousin Photoshop, it will enough for those of us who are less ambitious to just use it.

The initial few steps will be more difficult than downloading and installing GIMP (which has a standard Windows installation). If you’ve used Photoshop in the past, the interface’s general design will be comfortable for you to use but not particularly innovative.


Beyond that, though, you’ll need to start over since even though both applications employ terminology that is similar, there are important distinctions between how you will use them and the level of editing you may carry out.

So what does GIMP have to offer? It handles RAW photos and is a raster editor. Like Photoshop, it works with layers and layer masks and may provide you with a wide range of filters, color settings, and tools like transform and text.

Additionally, GIMP will do an excellent job at opening a huge variety of file formats, and you may add functionality and various features using a variety of plug-ins that are always being updated. There are many tutorials, videos, and other resources available to assist you to get started if you’re motivated to master GIMP.

The GIMP community is engaged and supportive, and the developers excel at finding solutions and squashing bugs quickly. Once you’re more comfortable with it, you may start modifying the options and interface to make a UI that is quick and effective for the activities you want to complete rather than using every option available at all times.

GIMP requires some work to learn and use, but those who do really, truly adore it. It appears to be surrounded by a very supportive and energetic neighborhood. Making GIMP your goal will surely garner you a lot of support, and since it’s free, what have you got to lose?

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Where Can You Run This Program?

Windows, Mac, and UNIX/GNU systems can all run GIMP.

Is There a Better Alternative?


Photoshop is undoubtedly the first option that springs to mind and is possibly better. But the field becomes significantly smaller if we only consider free software. There are quicker and more streamlined tools that can perform one or more of the GIMP’s capabilities, but there aren’t many that can complete the task.

Check out Paint 3D (the development of – no joke!) or PhotoScape if you’re looking for alternatives. The consensus is that, if any, the free software will provide you with what you need to imitate Photoshop. Each program provides a subset of features, so you might discover that the features you require are available elsewhere.

Our View


On many levels, GIMP is a fantastic tool and a prime illustration of the strength of open-source software. Even yet, it would be a little unfair to refer to it as a Photoshop substitute because, as great as it is, it is a much less potent tool.

Who exactly is going to use GIMP, I wonder? GIMP just doesn’t provide a comprehensive range of editing choices, so if you need a serious or professional photo or image editing, you’ll want a premium solution.

GIMP is probably too complicated and has too steep of a learning curve for most people to bother with it if your photo/image editing demands are less intense. That leads us to believe that the normal GIMP user is probably an extremely unusual species and not the typical user.

However, if you believe that YOU are that unique animal, go ahead. The respect it merits should be given because GIMP is a fantastic tool.

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Do You Want to Download It?

As we previously mentioned, if you’re serious about image editing but are unable to afford a paid application, a little bit of work using GIMP will yield fantastic results; download with confidence.


  • opens several file formats
  • There are several editing choices.
  • Plug-ins may add new features.
  • code allows for customization


  • Insufficient for photographers
  • incline learning curve
  • Intractable for simple requirements

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