Gmail Storage Is Full; How Can I Make Room in Gmail?

gmail storage full

You may encounter a situation where your Gmail storage has run out depending on how frequently you use the service and how many emails are sent and received from your account. How can this problem be resolved since people won’t be able to send or receive fresh emails when this occurs?

It’s important to remember that Google offers free storage of approximately 15GB, but the issue is that it’s shared storage. In other words, if you have an Android smartphone, the 15GB is utilized for backups for your WhatsApp account in addition to Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, and Google Photos.

How to Add More Storage to Gmail

gmail storage full

Now, people may simply solve this problem by purchasing more storage, but not everyone is able to afford a monthly subscription; in this case, they are left with no alternative but to manage the 15GB of space offered.

The good news is that there are techniques to restore storage; however, doing so might not be the best option for everyone since it necessitates file deletion. Therefore, make sure a copy of what you’re about to erase is on a local hard drive or another cloud platform.

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Delete Spam Emails

Using Google Drive, delete the files

1) Delete Spam Emails

gmail storage full

We’re going to start off by deleting any emails you don’t want or that are too huge. Please carefully study the steps listed below as they will assist you in completing this assignment.

Activate Gmail

  • Start by opening your preferred web browser.
  • Go to the Gmail website’s main page.
  • Use the correct Google credentials to sign in.

Large Email Filters for Gmail

  • Please enter has in the search box on Gmail.
  • 10M in size for attaching.
  • Emails with attachments bigger than 10MB will be visible right immediately.
  • Choose the emails that you don’t need.
  • To erase them, simply tap the delete button.

Once and For All, Delete Emails

  • Gmail, clear the trash
  • Go to the garbage and empty it.
  • Next, select the Empty Trash button.
  • The trash now permanently deletes all emails.
  • Change the image quality in Google Photos by two.

The quality of the images on Google Photos will now be modified as we move forward. The process is as simple as deleting emails from Gmail. If some of your crucial images are too enormous, you should make a backup before we start.

  • Open your web browser immediately.
  • Visit the official Google Photos Settings next.
  • Enter your Google login information.

Save Space on Google Photos

  • Please click on Storage Saver after you have visited the Settings section.
  • You can use this to preserve your images, but it will result in a quality loss to free up storage.
  • If you wish to free up more space, you may also just permanently remove the photos from your account.

Using Google Drive, Delete Files

Delete files from Google Drive as an additional method of regaining much-needed space. Only the larger files, which are more likely to strain your storage, will be deleted, though.

  • Use your preferred web browser to find the Quota page on Google Drive.
  • Afterward, sign in using your legitimate Google credentials.
  • A list of files ought should appear from there.
  • The list starts at the top with the largest files.
  • You’re done now; just delete the ones you no longer desire.

Does Gmail Have More Space After Removing Emails?

gmail storage full

Yes, it is the response to your query. Your Gmail account’s storage capacity can be increased by deleting emails. You must remove attachments from emails nevertheless if you want to see real improvements.

We advise leaving emails alone unless they absolutely must be deleted because a regular email without an attachment doesn’t take up much space on your account.

Why Is My Gmail Running out Of Space?

gmail storage full

There may be a number of causes for Gmail to run out of space. The most frequent is that you can have too many huge files stored in your account. And we’re not just referring to your Gmail account; we’re also referring to all other accounts that utilize Google’s 15GB of free storage.

Delete emails and files to solve the problem, or invest money to upgrade your storage to a more manageable amount.

How Can I Access My Gmail Login?

Go to Gmail by opening your web browser. The Google Account login information must then be entered. If it applies to you, press the Enter key. In some circumstances, the information may be added automatically. Your list of emails will be immediately accessible when you’re returned to your Gmail account.

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Gmail Is Unrestricted in Price

Like the majority of Google services, Gmail may be accessed for free. You will, however, have to pay a monthly or yearly membership for some services. A Google Drive subscription, for instance, is necessary if you need more storage.

Which Gmail Substitute Is the Most Effective?

Microsoft Outlook is a good substitute in our opinion, so we strongly suggest it. You won’t soon run out of storage with Outlook email because, unlike Gmail, it doesn’t share space with other services.

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