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google home max

Google Home Max

Max redefines audio using AI in a way that is unique to Google. High-end gear serves as the foundation for its high-fidelity audio. You’ll get robust bass with dual 4.5-inch high-excursion woofers.

And Max can play loudly, extremely loudly, so you can play your favorite music in even the largest room in your house. In actuality, it has 20 times the power of the first Google Home.

Max is the only speaker we’ve ever had that features Smart Sound, a brand-new audio setup backed by Google’s artificial intelligence. Max is able to adapt to you because of your surroundings, circumstances, and preferences.

If you decide to move your speaker a few feet, Smart Sound can dynamically tune itself within seconds based on where you position Max in the room.

Max supports Bluetooth and the auxiliary connection and is compatible with a variety of music providers. And Max was designed to match your needs and aesthetic; it is available in two colors—Chalk and Charcoal—and can be positioned either vertically or horizontally.


  • Lots of basses
  • Excellent smart features
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 3.5mm playback


  • Expensive
  • Less well-balanced sound than Apple HomePod

The Google Home Max has been around for a while, but it’s still an excellent option if you like your smart speaker to make a loud, booming sound.

It was first introduced at Google’s Pixel 2 launch event back in November 2017. Additionally, it is now more affordable than it was at launch, with the price having permanently cut from £399 to £299.

The Google Home Max, the big brother to the Google Home and Google Home Mini, is THE smart speaker for gatherings and large spaces. Nothing compares to it; even Amazon’s Echo Studio falls short of the Home Max in terms of size and scale.

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Google Home Max Review: What You Need to Know

google home max

The Google Home Max is Google’s premium smart speaker, created for users who wish to take full use of Google Assistant without sacrificing sound quality. Google essentially wants this to be the smart speaker that people use as their primary home speaker for music.

Although it isn’t intended to be a portable speaker because it lacks a battery and isn’t waterproof, it is adaptable in terms of how you connect to it thanks to voice control, Wi-Fi support, Bluetooth, and 3.5mm analog input connectivity.

Google Home Max Review: Price and Competition

The Google Home Max is more expensive than the smaller, more affordable Home and Home Mini speakers because it is a premium smart speaker. Even though it is now £100 cheaper than when it was first released, at £299, it is still more expensive than the majority of its major competitors.

The Amazon Echo Studio is far less expensive and smaller than the Apple HomePod, which is now available for £199 at most shops. Even while it isn’t as robust as the Home Max, it is still pretty amazing considering its compact size.

There are other smart speakers made by third parties that are less expensive than the Home Max. For instance, the UE Megablast costs about £150, has excellent audio quality, integrates with Amazon Alexa, and is also battery- and water-powered.

Alternatively, the KEF LSX is also worth considering if sound quality is more important to you than smarts, even though they cost a cool $1,000.

Google Home Max Review: Design

google home max

It has a good start. The build and design quality are just as amazing as you would expect for the price. It is remarkably well-built and weighs a considerable 5.3kg. It sounds satisfyingly tight and clear of resonance when you tap it with your knuckles, as a high-quality speaker should.

Although not everyone will adore Max’s charming appearance, it is pleasingly familiar in appearance, like Google blasted a Home Mini with a grow gun and flattened the sides. The drivers are covered in grey cloth, facing forward rather than up, and the rest of the body is made of durable, white, soft-touch plastic.

Under the cloth grille on the front of the speaker, there are four circular LED dots that serve as indicators for various conditions. They light up while the speaker is listening to you and display volume levels when you make changes.

You can do this by pressing or swiping at a touch-sensitive region on top of the speaker to pause and resume playback or by sliding your finger up and down to boost or decrease the volume.

Google Home Max Review: Smart Features and Voice Sensitivity

google home max

The Google Home Max’s digital assistant features are essentially the same as those of the Google Home and Home Mini, so there isn’t much to say about them. You can ask the Home Max to play music or the radio using Google Assistant, create timers, reminders, and calendar entries, and ask queries about the weather and a variety of other facts.

Although nothing new is presented here, Google Assistant is really good. It’s generally better than Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri at recognizing the things you ask, and it’s much more likely to give you a logical response to a random trivia question.

The Home Max’s Assistant can recognize up to five different voices, so it may respond to requests for music by adjusting its recommendations. It’s important to remember that hardware makers continue to support Amazon’s Alexa more frequently.

However, when it comes to the variety of music and radio stations it offers, Assistant is very good. It rivals Alexa in this area and easily defeats the Apple HomePod. If you want to search for music or podcasts using your voice on Apple’s smart speaker, you’re pretty much limited to Apple Music, and there isn’t much support for radio.

Google Home Max Review: Sound Quality

What Is the Sound Quality of The Google Home Max? Simply Put: Loud. a Powerful Speaker, This One Is Capable of Filling Medium to Large Homes and Cranking up The Volume to House-Party Levels without Distorting.

A Pair of High-Excursion 4.5-Inch Woofers and A Pair of Tweeters Are Located Behind the Grille at The Front of The Speaker. a Very Rich Lower-Mid Range and Controlled, Deep Bass Are Produced by This Combo. I Enjoy the Sound that This Speaker Makes.

There Is Enough Control at The Bottom End, and It Is Powerful without Being Excessively Bassy. It’s a Fantastic Speaker for Listening to Kraftwerk, Which Is a Very Positive Thing in My Book.

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Google Home Max Review: Verdict

The Google Home Max Is the Greatest All-Around Smart Speaker Among Those Made by The Big Three Tech Companies—Google, Amazon, and Apple—despite These Flaws. It Has the Most Adaptable Connectivity, a Very Efficient Digital Assistant, and A Nice Balance Between the Sound Quality and The Music Services and Devices It Supports.

Without a Question, It’s a Fantastic Product, However, the Cost Is the Issue Here. It Is by Far the Most Costly Smart Speaker of The Big Three at £400, and In My Opinion, It Doesn’t Quite Merit the Premium.

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