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A more affordable alternative to Google’s more expensive Pixel Buds 2 variant is the smaller Google Pixel Buds A-Series true wireless earphones.

The A-Series comes in a small, discreet carrying case that serves as a portable charger and has built-in compatibility with Google Assistant, which may appeal particularly to Android users. The manufacturer claims that you can get 5 hours of listening time with an additional 19 hours of juice in the charging case.

They could be a terrific method to get you through the day, whether you use them for music listening, dialling your digital assistant to check text messages, or making phone calls.

As the manufacturer of Android, you might anticipate that these earphones will perform incredibly well with Android phones. Or, to put it another way, are the Pixel Buds A-Series the Android version of the Apple AirPods?

Depending on what you’re after. Even when you consider their affordable price of $99, their sound quality in our tests falls short of many other headphones, and I had to deal with a few bugs when I used them.

The first generation AirPods, however, were subject to comparable criticism from Consumer Reports despite their enormous popularity. Despite the fact that you can find headphones with greater sound for less money, these ones are still good given their practical functions.

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 Reviewers Liked

  • The sound quality just as good as regular Pixel Buds
  • Improved comfort
  • Retains IPX4 water resistance and features like ear detect despite the low price
  • Deep Google Assistant integration
  • The small size keeps things comfy
  • Does for Android what AirPods do for iOS
  • Google Fast Pair
  • Excellent value
  • Every bit as slick as AirPods
  • Nice materials and build

Reviewers Didn’t Like

  • Ear hooks are nonremovable
  • No wireless charging
  • No on-board volume controls
  • Could use better iOS functionality
  • Bass doesn’t always hit hard
  • No active noise-cancellation (ANC)

Notable Features

google pixelbuds

Controls Through Touch. Unlike Some Headphones, the Pixel Buds A-Series Touch and Tap Controls Make Pausing, Skipping Tunes and Calling up A Digital Assistant Simple and Straightforward.

Little Size. Similar in Size to Apple’s Air Pods Case, These Earbuds Come with A Compact, Lightweight Carrying Case that Is Simple to Tuck Away in A Pocket or Purse. Additionally Small, Discrete, and Somewhat Light Are the Earbuds Themselves.

Built for Google Assistant. Google Assistant Can Be Accessed with A Tap or By Simply Saying “hey Google” on The Pixel Buds Because They Were Designed with It in Mind. Because of This, It Is Simple to Hear Your Notifications, Lookup The Weather, Make Calls, and More. Real-Time Language Translation Is Only One of The Interesting Features.

Battery Life Is 24 Hours in Total. According to Google, the A-Series Headphones Have a 5-Hour Battery Life, but The Charging Case Increases that To 19 Hours and Charges the Headphones Even When They Are Folded Away. According to Our Tests, the Audio Quality of These Earphones Is Passable but Not Exceptional.

How Well Do the Google Pixel Buds A-Series Earbuds Work?

google pixelbuds

The Google Pixel Buds A-Series Narrowly Miss the Mark for A Cr Recommendation Because of Their Subpar Audio Quality Rating. Despite Some Audible Sonic Defects that Prevent Them from Providing a Completely Excellent Listening Experience, They Do a Good Job of Reproducing Music and Voices.

For Instance, the Pixel Buds A-Series Feature a Little Boomy Bass and A Gritty Midrange, According to Our Testers. (it’s Challenging to Put Sound Into Words.) However, the Treble Range, Which Includes Sounds Like Cymbals and The Upper Register of A Violin, is Still Audible, and The Bass Is Still Powerful and Deep.

You Could Have Trouble Hearing Your Audio in Noisy Places Because These Earphones Aren’t Made to Shut out Outside Noise. that Is a Deliberate Design Decision, Which Is Advantageous if You Don’t Like to Shut the Outer World out But Disadvantageous When You Want to Concentrate on The Music. Although a Little Unique, Apple’s Air Pods Are Made in A Similar Manner (except for The Air Pods Pro, Which Is Noise-Canceling).

Although the Features Are Useful, There Are Occasionally Bugs. Once You Get the Hang of Using Them, the Touch Controls Function Flawlessly. Although This Occasionally Didn’t Function Properly, the “in Ear Recognition” Feature Is Useful Because It Immediately Pauses Your Audio when You Remove the Earphones.

Even when I Was Using a Google Pixel Phone, I Had to Completely Unpair and Fix the Headphones Before the Settings App Would Function Properly. a Handy Bass Boost Feature that You Can Utilise to Add Depth or Reduce the Low End Was the First Thing I Tried Once the Settings App Was Functional. on I Phones, the Pixel Buds Function Just as Well, but There Is No App for Personalization.

The Translation Feature Is the Most Awesome Feature. Any Suitable Language that You Hear in The Real World Will Be Translated when You Ask Google to “hey Google, Help Me Speak Spanish” (or the Language of Your Choosing). the Feature Is Somewhat Difficult to Use yet Surprisingly Effective.

Who Are Google Pixel Buds A-Series For?

google pixelbuds

For Those Searching for A Less Expensive Set of Fully Wireless Earbuds, the Google Pixel Buds A-Series Are a Respectable Choice. There Are Several Alternative Versions that Have Much Better Sound, Some of Which Are Even More Affordable.

For Casual Listening, Especially when You’re on The Go, the Sound Is Adequate, but You Can Do Better. the A-Series Are Nevertheless Practical, Feel and Appear Wonderful in Your Ears, and The Casing Is Light and Portable.

They Aren’t Excellent Enough to Be Dubbed the Ideal Air Pods Substitute for Android Users. the Air Pods’ Seamless Integration with Apple Products Is One of Their Many Amazing Features. Even on A Phone Made by Google, Using the Google Pixel Buds A-Series Wasn’t Easy.

However, These Issues Weren’t Serious, and When the Headphones Were in Good Working Order, They Were a Delight to Use. in The End, These Headphones Are a Respectable Option for Android Users, but We’d Suggest Trying out Some Other Models First.

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How We Test Headphones?

Cr Evaluates a Large Number of Headphones in Our Labs Each Year. a Group of Expert Audio Professionals Evaluates Each Pair by Listening to The Same Collection of Top-Notch Musical Recordings.

Think About the Finer Details of The Bass, Midrange, and Treble when Listening to These Recordings, Which Have Been Chosen to Showcase Various Audio Spectrum Regions.

Other Tracks Are Used to Test the Reproduction of Additional Components of Sound, Such as The Subtle Subtleties of Human Voice, the Room Ambience in Which the Music Was Recorded, and Audio Sections Jam-Packed with Numerous Different Instruments.

The Same Songs Are Used to Compare the Model Under Test to A Set of Typical Reference Headphones that Reflect Various Levels of Audio Quality. This Shows Us in A Straightforward and Consistent Manner how Each Headphone Compares.

Your Opinions on What Constitutes Excellent Audio Quality Will Vary Depending on Your Personal Preferences. for Instance, Some Listeners Prioritise the Guttural Impact of A Strong Bass Note, While Others Favour a More Clinical Sound that Allows You to Hear All the Minute Details. at Cr, We Place a Strong Emphasis on an audio product’s “accuracy,” or how closely the headphones replicate an original recording’s sound.

In other words, the better a pair of headphones perform in our tests, the closer it will bring you to the sound that the musicians recorded in the studio, with the fewest distortions and sonic oddities.

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