Guilded vs. Discord: Understanding the Best Fit for Your Gaming Community Goals

Guilded vs. Discord are the two platforms you’ll focus on whether you’re starting a gaming community or trying to gain support for your most recent NFT initiative. Even if each of these platforms has advantages and disadvantages, only one is best for you. Is that one? That’s about to change!

We’ll analyze and contrast the most crucial factors in the Discord vs. Guilded discussion in this article, including how to organize your community, monetize it, use bots, and much more. By the time you’ve finished this little piece, we hope you’ll feel more assured and aware of what you should do next.

To set the stage for the rest of the debate, let’s begin by introducing each platform.

Discord vs. Guilded: Evaluating and Differentiating the Key Components for Artists

Even though Guilded is seen as an exact replica of Discord by many Discord aficionados, you’ll see below that it surpasses Discord in certain areas. Discord, in our opinion, remains the best option for today’s creators. And after reading this summary through, we’re sure you’ll concur. Let’s begin by talking about the level of community organization.

Goal Readership

Although these platforms can theoretically be used for any kind of community, each was designed with a particular function in mind.

Discord was first designed with gamers in mind, but it has now grown to accommodate a far wider range of users. Discord is a great place for gamers to communicate with other gamers as well as communities devoted to e-commerce, education, the arts, sports, investments, e-commerce, resellers, software developers, and other topics.

As opposed to this, Guilded is designed especially for gaming and esports teams. Although Guilded has some rather special features tailored to the gaming community, it has been stated that it falls short when it comes to catering to other audiences. This implies that there are more chances to locate and interact with individuals who share your interests on Discord, as the platform has a wider and more varied user base.

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Monetization & Subscriptions

guilded vs discord

It’s likely that you’re looking at this comparison of Discord vs Guilded in order to learn how to make money from your community by expanding and monetizing it. Therefore, the most crucial factor might be your capacity to charge for admission to your community and monetize it.

Although companies take different approaches, Guilded and Discord both give creators the chance to make money off of their communities. With features like higher-quality streaming and greater file uploads, Discord’s Nitro membership largely focuses on improving the user experience for people.

Discord does not directly provide producers the ability to charge for access to their community, although it does have a function called “Server Boost” that lets users donate money to a server they like.

However, Guilded provides more straightforward methods for authors to make money from their community. With the premium edition of Guilded, developers can charge members for access to special features, content, and events or establish membership levels.

Guilded additionally enables producers to establish unique sponsorships and brand alliances in order to further monetize their community. The monetization tools offered by Guilded, however, are largely targeted at gaming and esports teams, so they might not be as useful for other kinds of communities.

Having said that, you can monetize Discord by using the strength of the top bots for Discord servers.

Organizations in the Community

Similar organizational features, like the capacity to set up channels for particular subjects or conversations, give members roles and permissions, and monitor involvement and attendance, are provided by both Guilded and Discord.

For community organizations, Discord offers a more simplified and user-friendly interface along with greater customization options and a wider choice of connectors with other apps and services. Ultimately, though, the layout you like best will depend entirely on your personal preferences. Many people believe Guilded is the most organized group out there. You’ll need to experiment with both to see which feels most natural to you.

Available for Free Features

A number of free features, including text, audio, and video chat, adjustable roles and permissions, and the option to form channels and groups, are available on both Guilded and Discord.

But compared to Guilded, Discord has more free features, such as screen sharing, live streaming, and the capacity to use animated GIFs and custom emoticons.

The Capacity to Employ Bots

Users can utilize bots, or automated programs, on Discord and Guilded to do a variety of jobs like playing games, regulating channels, and giving information.

But Discord boasts a larger developer community and a library of bots that are more developed and maintained. This implies that Discord users now have greater freedom and choice when it comes to deploying bots within their communities.

Interface & Experience for Users

Compared to Guilded, Discord has a more simplified and user-friendly design, along with more customization possibilities and a wider selection of app and service integrations. Discord’s user interface is also more uniform on all devices, looking and feeling the same on desktop, mobile, and the web.

In contrast, Guilded boasts a more intricate UI with an abundance of functionality and customization possibilities, potentially overwhelming certain users.

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Discord vs Guilded: Which Is Better?

guilded vs discord

In the Guilded vs. Discord discussion, which platform is superior? As you can see, there are advantages and disadvantages specific to each platform. But after reading this comparison of Guilded vs. Discord, the solution ought to be clear. For many reasons, Discord is the best option. It’s a more flexible platform with more features like an easier-to-use UI, a wider user base, and simpler monetization.