HEIC To JPG Converter: A Complete Guide On Converting HEIC File To JPG On iPhone, Mac, & PC!

Why Does The iPhone Use The HEIC File Format, And What Is It?

Apple’s HEIC is a custom implementation of HEIF (High-Efficiency Image File), a popular image format. This new file format is meant to be an improved method of storing images, reducing the amount of space required to store photos while maintaining their quality.

Does HEIC Fare Better Than JPG?

Specifically, HEIC’s ability to compress images into a small file size while maintaining high quality is one of the numerous ways in which it excels above JPG. The catch is figuring out which apps and devices are compatible with HEIC. There is a growing trend toward HEIC adoption, although it has yet to reach the widespread popularity of the more established JPG format.

HEIC Files Can Be Converted To JPG Format on An iOS Device, Mac, or PC.

Apple has changed the default photo file format for iPhones and iPads starting with iOS 11. Photos are now saved in a format called HEIC, which provides superior compression while maintaining good image quality, allowing you to save more images in the same area on your phone or tablet. When you need to use a JPG file for whatever reason, you may easily switch back to storing it in that format.

In What Ways May An iPhone User Change HEIC Files to JPG Format?

If you’d rather not deal with HEIC files at all, you can switch your mobile device to the JPG format instead.

  1. Launch the system settings app.
  2. Select “Camera” from the menu.
  3. The Third adjustment is the Formats button in the Camera settings.
  4. Select the Most Compatible option.

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HEIC To JPG Converter

However, you may have the best of both worlds by saving space on your smartphone with HEIC and then having your computer convert the photographs to JPG automatically.

  1. Launch the system settings app.
  2. Select the Photos option.
  3. To transfer to a Mac or PC, go to the menu and select Automatic.

HEIC To JPG Converter

On A Mac, What Is the Best Method For Changing HEIC To JPG?

You won’t have to worry about this if you have your iPhone or iPad set to convert images to JPG before transferring to your Mac, but if you already have HEIC photos on your Mac, you can convert them there. Preview is the simplest of various programs that handle HEIC and allow you to convert them to JPG.

  1. Launch Preview and load the HEIC image you wish to alter.
  2. Select Export from the File menu.HEIC To JPG Converter
  3. Select “JPG” from the Format drop-down.
  4. Lastly, select the “Save” button.

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On A Windows PC, How Can I Change The Image Format From HEIC To JPG?

If you’re worried about not being able to see images taken with your iPhone or iPad in HEIC format on your computer, Microsoft has free software that fixes that. HEIF Image Extension is a codec (a decoder that translates files between different formats) that is easily installed (HEIC and HEIF files are closely related).

For the download, search for “HEIF Image Extension” on the Microsoft Store. All HEIC files will open correctly in Windows applications if you let Windows install the codec.

HEIC To JPG Converter

A quick suggestion: install and use a tool like CopyTrans HEIC For Windows if you want to actually convert your HEIC files to JPG rather than just letting Windows read HEIC files.