How to Complete the “How Bad Is Your Spotify?” Test

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How Bad is Your Spotify

We are all proud of our Apple Music and Spotify playlists, and now, with the aid of artificial intelligence, people are taking the “How Bad is Your Spotify” exam in the hopes of having their music reviewed.

People frequently create multiple playlists to suit their moods, some of which they are extremely proud of while others they would rather no one knew about.

People are learning the hard way, though, that there is nothing you can hide from this AI.

How to Take the ‘How Bad Is Your Spotify’ Test

A test called “How awful is your Spotify” was developed by a website named Pudding.

While browsing your Spotify or Apple Music playlists, it analyses your streaming music and use artificial intelligence (AI) to determine your musical preferences.

Simply click this link to take the test.

The platform will need your Apple Music or Spotify login information in order to access your playlists.

How Bad is Your Spotify

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How Does The Ai Know What’s Good?

The AI claims that in order to develop an understanding of what constitutes “excellent music,” it has ingested more than two million pieces of information from sources including Pitchfork reviews, record store recommendations, and Subreddits.

The AI does not explicitly state how it distinguishes between “excellent” and “poor” music, but it appears that it does so in order to evaluate a user’s playlist.

A number of people have already used it and given their opinions about the procedure. Let’s break down my dumb Spotify “how horrible is your music choice nonsense” because mine is inaccurate, but that’s alright, I guess, one user commented.

I just tried “How horrible is your Spotify” on my account and I feel assaulted,” said another.

I did the “How terrible is My Spotify test,” and ugh… Another person wrote, “I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry.”

How Bad is Your Spotify

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Other Things to Try

You can use your Spotify login to try a number of other things. To find out who your favorite musicians are, for instance, utilize Spotify Icebergify.

To achieve this, simply check the official website here, and you’ll soon have a list of your favorite musicians. Visit Darren’s website to try the Spotify Pie Chart as well.

The graph will show your listening patterns for the last month.

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