How to Add a Picture to A Picture on the iPhone: A Step-By-Step Guide in 2023!

It’s really simple to add a photograph on top of another picture on an iPhone, whether you want to add a watermark, combine your picture with another picture, or just paste a sticker on another photo. Fortunately, iOS 17 brings native support for this functionality in the Apple Photos app.

If that isn’t enough, you can accomplish the same thing with a Siri shortcut or with free photo editing tools from third parties.

This time, we’ll look at how to overlay an image on an iPhone.

1. Utilizing the InShot app

how to add a picture to a picture

Inserting any image on top of another image is possible using the free InShot software. In addition, it has other photo-editing features like text, filters, retouching, and the ability to instantly remove the background from any image and replace it with another image.

Utilizing the InShot app, follow these steps to overlay one image on another on an iPhone:

  1. First, on your iPhone, install and launch the InShot application.
  2. On the following page, tap New after tapping the Photos button beneath the Create New section.
  3. Pick the image for the backdrop.
  4. Press the Gallery icon after selecting Stickers.
  5. At this point, the application offers you the option to either add a standard picture or make a photo cutout in which the background of the foreground picture is automatically removed.
  6. Select Files or Choose from camera roll, depending on where your image is located, when you tap on the +(Add) symbol under the Imported area to add a full-sized picture.
  7. The image you wish to add can then be tapped. The Imported section will now include it. Adding this photo requires you to go to step 7.
  8. You can also press the Photo cutout option to eliminate the backdrop of the foreground photo and apply it as a sticker. Next, pick where you want the picture to be stored: Files or Camera Roll. It will appear in the Imported area once you select the image.
  9. Press and hold the appropriate image to overlay it on top of the backdrop image once the photograph or photo cutout appears in the Imported area.
  10. To relocate or resize an image, drag it or use the double-sided arrow on the image. Next, make sure to tap on the bottom checkmark icon.
  11. In order to save the picture that has been overlayed with another image, hit the Share icon at the top. In the Photos app, you may locate the newly taken picture.

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2. Using the HashPhotos App

how to add a picture to a picture

A free app called HashPhotos also allows you to superimpose one image on top of another on iOS. It can be applied to another image to paste an entire image or a photo cutout/sticker on it.

To apply a photo over top of another picture on an iPhone, use the HashPhotos app as follows:

  • On your iPhone, download and install the HashPhotos app.
  • Launch the program, then give it access to your images.
  • Choose the backdrop image that will have another image added to it.
  • Select the plus (add) symbol located at the bottom and tap the three-bar icon located at the top.
  • From the menu, tap Overlay image, then choose the image you wish to overlay over the original.
  • You can drag the picture to a new location or use the pinch in and out gesture to adjust the size of the foreground image.
  • Toggle between adjusting the opacity of the added image and tapping on the Transparency symbol at the bottom.
  • When you’re done, hit the bottom checkmark icon. With the tools at your disposal, such as crop, flip, filters, lighting tools, and so on, you may then make additional changes to the altered image.
  • Press the Download symbol located at the top once you’re done. On your iPhone, save the updated image by selecting a size and clicking Save a copy. Save should not be tapped, as this will cause the altered photo to replace the original.

3. Stickers (for iOS 17 and above)

how to add a picture to a picture

iOS 16 was the first to include the sticker feature, which allows you to remove items from photos. However, Apple added the native iPhone feature of allowing users to overlay a sticker over an image in iOS 17. You can do this by utilizing the Markup tool’s stickers function.

All you have to do is take a picture, make a sticker out of it, and then place it over another picture. Just keep in mind that you may only make stickers from photos that stand out from their background.

To apply a sticker over a photo on an iPhone, use these steps:

  • Start by opening the Apple Photos app’s background image, on which you wish to apply a sticker.
  • Select Edit from the menu at the top, then select the Markup symbol.
  • Select Add Sticker from the menu by tapping on the (+) Add symbol located at the bottom.
  • If it isn’t selected, click the Sticker tab. Once you have chosen the image you wish to add to the first image, hit the (+) button.
  • When an object is detected, your iPhone will automatically lift it out of the image. Press the Add Sticker button.
  • Within the sticker list, the sticker or image will appear. To add it to your main image, simply tap on it.
  • To adjust the picture’s size, click on the small dots on it. Alter the photo sticker’s position by holding and dragging it.
  • To incorporate a cutout into the picture, press Done once and then Done again. In the Apple Photos app, the newly taken picture will appear.
  • It is important to note that the picture will only be added to the original image and not a duplicate. Edit > Revert will allow you to return to the original image. The complete image cannot currently be added directly on top of another image.

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4. Use Instagram

how to add a picture to a picture

An additional feature for frequent Instagram users is the ability to include an image while making an Instagram Story.

Use these actions to accomplish that:

  • Initially, make a copy of the image you wish to include. Open the image in the Photos app on your iPhone, hit the three dots, and choose Copy to copy it. Even picture stickers are copyable.
  • Access Instagram’s tale creation screen. Make your choice for the wallpaper.
  • After that, tap and hold anywhere on the image to bring up the text menu.
  • Return to the typing area by touching and holding it, then choose Paste from the menu. Pasting the duplicate image onto the original one will be done.
  • Press the three dots to download the image to your phone by choosing Save from the menu.