How to Enable Pop-Ups on An iPhone to View Particular Websites!

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how to allow pop ups on iphone

In this post, we’ll go through how to use Safari on an iPhone or iPad to disable the pop-up blocker. For the majority of iOS versions, instructions apply.

On iPhone and iPad, How To Disable Pop-Up Blocker

Pop-up blocking functionality is a wonderful addition to iOS’s Safari. Your iOS devices don’t allow pop-up windows to open by default, but you can quickly disable the pop-up blocker on your iPhone or iPad.

It’s unfortunate that there isn’t a list of approved websites for which Safari can temporarily disable the pop-up blocker; instead, it’s an all-or-nothing decision as to whether the pop-up blocker is enabled or disabled.

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So, disable the pop-up blocker, then enable it again later if you must see a pop-up for a certain website.

  • Navigate to Safari under Settings.
  • Select Block Pop-ups from the General section’s toggle. It will turn white to show that it is off.
  • Safari button, Block Pop-ups option, and iOS Settings app
  • Activate the Safari app.
  • Pop-ups should start appearing on websites that utilize them right away after the modifications go into effect.

Why Should I Disable the Pop-Up Blocker on My iPad and iPhone?

how to allow pop ups on iphone

The Safari pop-up blocker is fantastic most of the time, but there will always be some circumstances where you feel it’s crucial for pop-ups to function.

Some websites rely on pop-up windows to provide you with the information you require, which is debatably an indication of poor web design.

This is particularly true for some financial websites, such as banking and credit card sites, which occasionally use pop-up windows to show account statements, PDF documents, and other documents.

Other websites may also rely on pop-up windows to let you sign up for newsletters, get discount codes, or perform other functions.

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When using a website and realizing you need Safari to allow pop-ups, you can simply disable the pop-up blocker. However, some websites that open pop-ups on your desktop really function great with mobile browsers.

Naturally, it’s a good idea to turn the pop-up blocker back on after you’re finished with the pop-up window so that no other websites can display pop-ups without your consent. After all, Apple’s pop-up blocker is there to simplify your browsing.

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