How to Block iPhones From Receiving Text Messages?

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how to block texts on iphone

It’s not too difficult to figure out how to block a source of bothersome text messages on your iPhone. It could be more difficult if that source keeps texting you phony numbers while using spoofing. Until you eliminate a little-known loophole, it’s even possible to get SMS from a blacklisted phone.

Hopefully, you’ve already registered your phone number with the Do Not Call Registry(opens in the new tab), but con artists or toxic people in your life won’t follow the FTC’s rules. We’re here to guide you through each and every option you have for blocking unsolicited text messages.

How to Block a Text Message’s Source on iPhones

how to block texts on iphone

Imagine that you get a strange and unwanted text message, as I did yesterday with the ironic wording you can see above in the screenshot. You only need to take a few easy steps to block that number.

  • Tap the empty profile button located above the phone number after opening the text.
  • Click Info. In the following menu, tap Info once more.
  • You can choose to Block this Caller at the bottom of the following page.

For recently received spam texts, this technique works. However, you can utilize your Phone Contacts to do just that if you already erased someone’s text messages or haven’t gotten one but want to block them in advance – provided you know the phone number you want to block.

Tap the Contacts tab after launching the Phone app.

If the person in question is already registered, tap their name and then tap Block this Caller at the bottom of the menu.

If not, a Contact entry must be created. On the Contacts page, click the plus sign (+) at the top right. Hit Done after adding a name and phone number. then block them by scrolling to the bottom.

You may quickly unblock a number if you ever change your mind by using their phone contact page. To view a list of all the numbers you’ve blocked, click on Settings > Messages > Blocked Contacts.

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How to Block or Filter Texts from All Unknown Numbers?

how to block texts on iphone

You might not want to bother banning each individual unknown number if you notice that you frequently receive SMS from them. Therefore, the best course of action for you is to filter any texts that do not originate from a verified Contact so that you do not see them.

To the bottom of the menu, scroll to Settings > Messages. You can select “Filter Unknown Senders” from that menu, which separates all unsolicited SMS into a separate list.

After that, select Unknown Senders from the Filters menu to find the texts that were hidden. Then, you’ll be able to periodically see if any appropriate texts ended up anywhere they shouldn’t have. Unless you’re vigilant about adding new numbers to your contacts list, this approach could also result in you missing essential communications.

A call-blocking program like RoboKiller (opens in new tab) or Hiya would be your other choice (opens in new tab). The majority of people use them to automatically block robocalls, but they also have technology that can block texts from known spam numbers. You won’t have to automatically ban texts from people you want to communicate with as a result.

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Why Am I Still Getting Texts from A Number I Blocked?

On the iPhone Support Forums, People Frequently Ask about This Subject, but There Doesn’t Seem to Be a Straightforward Solution. After Switching to iOS 14, Many Customers Reportedly Began Getting Calls and Texts from Long-Blocked Numbers.

To Soft-Reset Their iPhone, Or, in Other Words, Turn It Completely Off and On Again, Is One Approach that Has Proven Effective for Some Users. This Reportedly Makes the Phone More Aware of The Need to Block the Newly Established Contacts.

Another Option Is to Tap Your Phone Number Under Settings > Messages > Send & Receive. You’ll See Your Phone Number and Apple Id Email Followed by “you Can Receive I Message to And Reply From.”

It’s Possible that Barring a Contact Merely Prevents Spammers from Sending You Sms Instead of Emails. to See if The Phone Number in Question Stops Texting You, Consider Unchecking Your Email.

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