How to Blur a Photo on iPhone or Android?

Getting the right angle and lighting for your photos is an art form, even though all it takes to take them is to press the “Capture” button. It is essential to understand how to blur an image on an iPhone so that the main topic takes center stage and the background objects receive the least amount of emphasis. This is because many smartphones today have the best picture quality when it comes to taking pictures with their cameras.

How to blur a picture on iPhone or Android

There exist applications for both iPhone and Android that enable you to apply a blur effect to images, so you don’t have to rely on the iPhone’s portrait mode. YouCam Perfect is among the most user-friendly and versatile programs featuring a blur feature.

A variety of blur tools are available in YouCam Perfect. One lets you use a brush to blur anything in the image, while another lets you blur the entire picture except for a sharply defined shape (such as a rectangular, elliptical, or circular area). Using the app is explained here.

For your Android or iPhone, install YouCam Perfect first.

how to blur photo on iphone
  • Launch the flawless YouCam. Although you may download the app for free, there are advertisements for the premium features. These are easily ignored.
  • Press Photo Modify and select the image you wish to modify from your phone’s camera roll.
  • Click Tools.
  • Select Blur from the option that pops up.
  • There are several methods to blur an image with the Blur tool.
  • Circle: Constant circles are shown with this default setting. Change the size of the circles by dragging them around the screen. With the image gradually blurring toward the outer circle, the center of the circle remains sharp, giving the photo a natural appearance. Make sure the circle is the right size and placement to add the desired blur to the picture. There are two other options available to you: Ellipse and Rectangle. These three tools function similarly.
  • Brush: The brush tool works better in a lot of circumstances. To add or remove blur from a specific area of the picture, use the Paint and Erase tools located at the bottom of the screen. If you’d like, you can also tap the Person symbol, which will cause the app to automatically search for and blur the backdrop of the shot in an attempt to keep the subject sharp.
  • Select the checkbox to save the modifications to your image at the bottom right after you’re happy.


Is It Possible to Freely Blur a Picture?

With a few simple actions and no cost, YouCam Perfect is the greatest program for blurring pictures. Using the app’s blur feature is free of charge. The blur outline shape, blur size, and bokeh shape can all be defined with it.

Is It Possible to Blur a Photo’s Background?

Step 1: Get the YouCam Perfect app.

Step 2: Launch the application, then select Photo Edit.

Step 3: Go to Tools and find the Blur tool.

Step 4: Choose the background that you like to blur, then modify the blur shape.

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What Tool Gives the Image a Blur Background?

Blurring an image is a simple process with YouCam Perfect’s Blur feature. In addition, you have the option to alter the effect form to suit your personal editing style by selecting from a range of shapes, such as a heart, star, circle, and more!

To create a glossy fuzzy bokeh background, you may also apply a sparkle overlay to photos!