How to Cancel Your Netflix Account Learn the Simple Ways to do!

how to cancel netflix subscription

The de facto streaming platform, Netflix, is soon becoming an embattled incumbent in the streaming battles. Early in 2022, the massive streaming service lost 200,000 subscribers. As a result, a number of shows were cancelled, its animation division was shut down, and the CFO made a tone-deaf remark that Netflix might be open to an ad-supported, budget tier. The future is obviously not promising.

Is it still worthwhile to have a Netflix subscription or should you switch to Disney+, Hulu, or one of the countless other streaming services that are currently available online? Keep reading to learn how to cancel Netflix if you want to be one of the 200,000 customers who have chosen to leave. Given how many hurdles you have to walk through to cancel a Spotify subscription, it’s surprisingly simple.

How to Cancel Your Netflix Subscription from Your Web Browser

You can cancel your Netflix subscription at any moment, according to the Netflix help site, but reimbursements are not guaranteed. Netflix’s terms of service state that the service will continue to function until the conclusion of the billing cycle that you cancelled it for.

For unused services, there are no reimbursements available. However, according to other sources, the refund request will be taken into account if you are asking for it because you were unable to log in or view the content due to a mistake or problem on Netflix’s end.

You must perform the following actions in a web browser on a desktop or mobile device in order to cancel your Netflix subscription. Although using a desktop browser is easier, the same steps still apply when using the site’s mobile version. Go right to the Netflix account cancellation confirmation page to move on to step 5 without stopping.

1. Log in to the Netflix account you want to delete on the website.

2. In the page’s upper-right corner, click the icon with your profile photo on it.

how to cancel netflix subscription

3. To access the Account Details page, click Account.

4. To view the cancellation confirmation page, click the Cancel Membership option found under Membership & Billing. This page also displays the end date of your plan in case you decide to cancel.

how to cancel netflix subscription

5. To cancel, simply click Finish. This launches a survey where you can give specific feedback or choose from a choice of predefined reasons for your cancellation.

how to cancel netflix subscription

6. After finishing the survey, click Done. This returns you to the account details page where you can see when your Netflix episodes will expire.

how to cancel netflix subscription

Although you may access the account management page from the app, you cannot process the cancellation from a mobile or desktop application. Go to Settings > Account Details by selecting the three dots in the top-right corner of the Netflix desktop app.

The Account Management page is then displayed. To access the account management page on your mobile browser from the Netflix mobile app, hit the account symbol in the top-right corner of the screen and then tap Account.

As long as you restart your Netflix subscription within 10 months of cancelling, you may easily pick up where you left off after doing so, including your favourites, preferences, and where you left off with previously viewed shows.

By checking in to, heading to the Account Details page (as mentioned in step 3 above), and selecting the Restart Membership button on the left side of the page, you can resume the plan.

After completing the aforementioned steps, you are now free to explore a number of alternative streaming services or take some time to decompress from the continual onslaught of media being thrown at you from all directions. Unlike Netflix, several of the competing streaming services offer free trials if you want to give them a try.

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