How to Change AirPods Name From iPhone or iPad?

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Do you want to rename your AirPods? From the Settings app on the synced iPhone or iPad, you can easily alter the name of your AirPods.

Keep in mind that changing the name of your AirPods is all that is necessary; you do not need to reset them or set them up again. You only need to rename the AirPods after opening the relevant iOS settings, and that’s all.

How to Modify the Name of AirPods on A Mac

You must take the following actions in order to alter the name of your AirPods on your Mac:

  • First of all, connect the AirPods to your Mac;
  • Open “System Preferences” from the Apple menu;
  • Decide on “Bluetooth”;
  • To rename your AirPods, control-click them and choose that option;
  • Enter the name you want to use after that;
  • Click “Rename” to save the changes after that;
  • The Bluetooth settings pane should then be closed.
  • Everywhere on your Mac, as well as other iOS, iPad, and macOS devices you use, should have an updated AirPods name.

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How to Modify the Name of AirPods on An Android Device

You don’t even need to connect to the AirPods if you want to rename them using your Android phone. Surprisingly, changing the name of your AirPods is simpler on an Android mobile than on an Apple device. Therefore, you must do the following actions if you want to alter it:

  • First of all, open Settings;
  • Visit “Connected devices”;
  • Check the list of previously connected devices for your AirPods;
  • On the right side of the screen, tap the settings bar;
  • To rename a device, tap the pencil symbol;
  • Select “Rename” and type the desired name.

How to Rename AirPod or Change AirPod Name

how to change airpod name

The Generic Name Apple Uses for The Air Pods Is Always Followed by The Model Number until You Decide to Change It. Having a Name that Is Unique to You Is Great, and Many People Have Looked for Instructions on How to Change the Name of Their Airpods. We Therefore Considered Releasing a Single.

The Bluetooth Settings on Your Phone Are Where You Change the Name of Your Airpod. Follow the Six Instructions Listed Below.

Here Are Some Instructions:

The Air Pods Must First Be Inserted Into Your Ears. Once You’ve Done This, the Air Pod Image Will Appear on Your iPhone or iPad.

Your I Os Device’s Settings > Bluetooth.

To Adjust the Airpods, Tap the I Icon Next to Them.

Enter the Name You Want to Change.

Double-Click the Back Arrow.

You Can Now Connect by Looking for Your New Name in The Bluetooth List.

Renaming an Airpod Is a Personal Choice.

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Apple AirPod Name:

how to change airpod name

Here Are Some of The Suggested Earbuds Names –
Yo Airpods
Airpod Hack
Airpod 007
Bond 007
Bond Pod
Sweet Pod

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