How to Modify the Size of App Icons on an Android Device?

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how to change app icon size on your android device

Currently, the majority of Android smartphones have set icon sizes, but what if you want bigger or smaller icons so you could accommodate more of them on the home screen? You just need to look through your smartphone’s settings to find those models that do, fortunately, allow users to do this natively.

For the rest of us, installing third-party launchers is an alternative that offers a simple fix if you want to alter the size of your icons. You can also temporarily enlarge your icon sizes. All three techniques are covered in this article.

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Use an Outside Launcher

The majority of third-party launchers will work to adjust the icon size to your tastes. The Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, Smart Launcher, POCO Launcher, and the more recent Niagara Launcher are a few of the well-liked options.

Nova Launcher

The most well-known Android launcher is definitely Nova Launcher, and with good reason. The app offers a quick and individualized experience that enables users to personalize their phones without affecting how quickly they operate them.

On your device, select “Nova Settings.”

how to change app icon size on your android device

At the top of the screen, tap “Home screen.”

Choose “Icon layout” from the menu.

To change the size of your app icons, move your finger along the “Icon size” slider.

how to change app icon size on your android device

Tap once more to view the outcomes. Return and experiment with the setting once more if you’re still not satisfied with how everything looks.

how to change app icon size on your android device

You can modify the “Icon size” from the preview window when installing Nova for the first time. The home screen and the app drawer will both use the icon size you select here.

how to change app icon size on your android device

Additionally, by heading to “Home Screen -> Desktop Grid” and “App Drawer -> Drawer App Grid” and choosing how many rows and columns of icons you want to view in each, you can change how the apps are organized for each.

how to change app icon size on your android device

Resize Icon Using External Apps

You may install Android launchers that allow you to resize icons on your Android if you don’t have a newer version of Android or a Samsung phone.

The Android launcher apps listed below enable you to achieve this.

  • The most similar UI environment to vanilla Android is offered by Nova Launcher. You can choose a custom grid size with this lightweight and quick launcher, just like Samsung users can change the size of app icons.
  • Microsoft Launcher: This launcher truly allows you to customize the arrangement and size of icons on the Home and App screens, as opposed to having a grid-based system. Beyond only icon size, it offers a range of helpful customizing options.
  • You can change the icon sizes in the Apex Launcher’s settings menu from 50% to 150% of the standard icon size.
  • Go Launcher: After installing GO Launcher, simply long-press the Home screen, select Settings, and use the Icon settings to change the size of the icons to Big, Default, or Custom.

Any of the photos you see could be the new icon. Categories including Nature, Space, Technology, and Sports are available for selection.

By selecting the Gallery option and deciding whether to snap a photo or upload one from your device’s gallery, you can add an image from your device’s gallery. The appearance of the app icon can also be altered. The choices available are as follows:

  • Circle
  • Square
  • RoundSquare
  • Squircle
  • Teardrop

The application will display a real-time preview of your new app icon. The program icon’s name can also be modified. Give it a new name by tapping the pencil symbol located to the right of the existing name. Click the OK button in the top right corner once you are satisfied with the appearance of the app icon.

Finally, a choice to automatically add your new app icon appears. However, you can manually position it where you wish by dragging it out of its box.

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Changing the appearance of your app icons is always appreciated. By doing this, you may add your unique style to your Android device. With Android, there are possibilities to totally alter the icon’s appearance or only make minor adjustments.

What style will you provide the icons for your apps? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below and don’t forget to share this story on social media.

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