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how to clean airpods

Especially among iPhone owners, AirPods are currently the most sought-after earbuds on the market. But they eventually become dirty and need to be cleaned, just like other earphones and gadgets.

AirPods not only develop earwax buildup, but also dirt from when they get misplaced beneath your car seat. And of course, anything you contact on a daily basis will become contaminated with grease.

You’ll need at least one lint-free cloth, some water, and a fine-edged instrument like a toothpick or pin to clean your AirPods and their case. You could also require some rubbing alcohol if there are stubborn stains.

Best Way to Clean Any Air Pods

You’ll need a soft, lint-free cleaning cloth, preferably one made of microfiber, as well as a tool with a fine end to clean your AirPods. A toothpick, dental floss stick, bobby pin, needle, or any other common household item can serve as a fine-edged tool. A cotton swab can be used in place of a sharp object if you like.

First, use the lint-free cloth that has been lightly wet with water to wipe the outside of the earphones. After that, dry the earbuds with another dry, lint-free cloth, taking care not to get any moisture within any of the apertures.

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How to Clean Earwax out Of Air Pods?

how to clean airpods

Grab Your Fine-Edged Tool or A Dry Cotton Swab to Remove Earwax that Has Become Lodged in The Speaker Hole of Your Earphones. Focus on The Areas Along the Speaker’s Edges as You Carefully Remove the Earwax. Be Careful Not to Hurt Yourself or Pierce the Speaker if You’re Using a Sharp Instrument.

You Should Also Clean the Silicone Tips that Cover the Speakers in Each of Your Air Pods Pro Earbuds. Your Air Pods Pro Earbuds Should Be Rinsed in Water Once You Remove the Silicone Tips Covering Them.

No Soap or Other Home Cleaning Should Be Added. with A Soft, Lint-Free Cloth, Gently Wipe Them Dry, Making Sure They Are Completely Dry. Reconnect Them to The Air Pods Once They Have Dried.

Pull Firmly from The Base of The Tip, Where It Is Attached To The Earpiece, to Remove the Tips of An Air Pod Pro. Align the Tip with The Earbud’s Speakers’ Oval Connections and Forcefully Push It in To Rejoin It. It Should Click Into Place Easily After the Connectors Are in The Correct Alignment.

How to Clean Air Pods Case?

Remove the Air Pods from The Case and Wipe the Outside with A Dry, Lint-Free Cloth to Clean It.

You Can Slightly Moisten the Cloth with Alcohol for Harsher Stains, but Make Sure to Dry the Stains Completely Afterwards. Avoid Getting Any Moisture in The Charging Port or The Air Pod Holders Within the Case. Use a Soft-Bristle Brush to Clean the Charging Port of Debris.

Use a Soft Bristle Brush or Soft Toothbrush to Clean the Inside of The Case; the Bristles Will Help Scavenge Dirt from The Case’s Crevices.

How to Clean Air Pods?

how to clean airpods

Read Any Cleaning Instructions that Came with The Device Before Cleaning It, Whether It’s a Computer Screen, Tv Screen, Phone Charging Port, or A Pair of Headphones. According to Kristin Di Nicolantonio, a Director at The American Cleaning Institute, “earbuds, May Have Components that Need a Specialised Technique of Maintenance Depending on The Brand or Model.” Having Said That, by Using the Instructions Below, You Can Clean the Majority of Air Pods.

  • Apply a Dry, Lint-Free Cloth to Your Air Pods to Clean Them
  • Use a Dry Cotton Swab to Brush Delicate Areas, Such as The Mesh on The Microphones and Speakers, to Clean Them.
  • Steele Advises Cleaning Your Air Pods Using a Slightly Moist Microfiber Cloth if They Are Really Filthy or Blocked with Food, Grease, or Sweat.
  • After That, Clean Them Off With A Dry, Lint-Free Cloth and Set Them Somewhere Clean to Dry.

How to Clean Air Pods Pro?

These Air Pods Are Quite Versatile. They Have Ear Tips that Collect Dirt (such as Earwax, Dirt, and Sweat) in Difficult-To-Reach Places, Which Is a Drawback. Do the Following to Give Them a More Thorough Cleaning.

  • Rinse the Ear Tips in Water After Removing Them.
  • Utilize a Lint-Free Cloth to Dry the Tips.
  • Put the Ear Tips Back on Your Air Pods After They Have Completely Dried.

How to Clean Air Pods Max?

You Might Need to Put in A Little Extra Effort to Get Your Air Pods Max as Clean as Possible. Because Air Pods Max Are Headphones, Steele Claims that There Is a More Surface Area for Debris to Adhere to Them.

Wipe Them Down with A Lightly Moist, Lint-Free Cloth to Start, and Then Dry Them with Another Microfiber Cloth. Follow the Steps Below to Clean Your Air Pods Max’s Grubby Headbands and Cushions.

  • Remove the Ear Cushions.
  • One Teaspoon of Mild Detergent and One Cup of Water Should Be Combined.
  • Apply the Solution to A Lint-Free Cloth and Scrub the Band and Cushions with It.
  • With a Dry Cloth, Clean the Band and Cushions.
  • Before Putting Everything Back Together, Properly Dry All the Parts.

Cleaning an Air Pods Case

how to clean airpods

If the Case for Your Air Pods Is Becoming Dirty, a Quick Cleaning Will Restore Its New-Looking Appearance. Like Many Traditional Cleaning Methods, All You Need Is Some Water and A Rag.

Use a Clean, Lint-Free Cloth Soaked in Water to Clean the Case. Alternatively, Steele Advises Using an Alcohol Wipe to Thoroughly Clean the Casing.

Before Reinstalling Your Air Pods, Flip the Case Over and Allow It to Completely Dry.

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How to Get Water out Of Air Pods?

You Have to Move Quickly if You Want to Rescue Your Wet Air Pods. They Should Be Placed Upside-Down in A Container with Desiccant Packets, Sealed, and Left for A Few Hours. Rice, Which Can End up Going Inside the Speaker and Microphone, is something Steele advises staying away from.

Even if your AirPods are only slightly damp, Steele advises cleaning them with a lint-free cloth and hanging them upside down to dry.

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