How to Pair Mac, iPhone, and Android Devices with AirPods and AirPods Pro?

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how to connect air pods to macbook

Apple has just announced a variety of wireless Bluetooth earbuds with top-notch features including noise reduction, automated device switching, and more. People can’t get enough of Apple’s bestseller, AirPods.

You might occasionally encounter problems with pairing, like as the inability to pair AirPods with a Mac, Bluetooth issues, the annoyance of automatic switching between devices, etc.

The best ways to connect AirPods and AirPods Pro to Mac, iPhone, and Android utilizing a few aid tools are described in this post.

How to Connect AirPods to Mac?

how to connect air pods to macbook

Apple has developed a highly user-friendly connected ecosystem. From Apple Watch to Mac to iPhone to iPad to AirPods. This is why utilizing AirPods within this environment saves you a tonne of time and convenience.

It’s not all sunshine and roses, though, and occasionally you even need an additional tool to improve the experience. We’ll explain how to connect your AirPods and AirPods Pro to each device you use.

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But first, make sure your device is compatible. 

For AirPods (1st generation):

  • macOS Sierra or later
  • iOS 10 or later
  • tvOS 11 or later
  • watchOS 3 or later.

For AirPods (2nd generation): 

  • or a later version of macOS
  • iOS 12.2 and above
  • 12.2 or later tvOS
  • watchOS version 5.2 or later

AirPods Pro:

  • macOS 10.15.1 or later
  • iOS 13.2 or later
  • tvOS 12.2 or later
  • watchOS 6.1 or later. 

For AirPods (3rd generation):

  • macOS 12 or later
  • iOS 13 or later
  • tvOS 14 or later
  • watchOS 8 or later.

Here’s how you connect a new pair of AirPods to Mac:

To turn on your AirPods, open the charging case and press and hold the pairing button.

Select Bluetooth from the menu bar. Go to System Preferences/System Settings > Bluetooth > On if it isn’t already there.

From the list of available devices, choose AirPods, then click Connect.

Sadly, AirPods don’t always function flawlessly on macOS. It can be difficult to sync your wireless headphones with a Mac, unlike iOS.

These are only a few of the issues that have been observed, such as erratic Bluetooth troubles and AirPods disconnecting when streaming videos. Help is available, though.

The Bluetooth device connection flow between macOS and iOS is bridged by AirBuddy. Since you can easily check the state of your present connection, the charge level, and other details, it brings up the identical pop-up you use on iOS to pair your AirPods.

Here’s how to use AirBuddy to connect AirPods to a MacBook:

  • Open the AirPods case next to your Mac.
  • Connect by clicking
  • Enjoy!

By selecting the AirBody icon from the menu bar, you may get a list of all your active connections. Or you might modify it so that whenever you click the symbol, it connects to your preferred headphones.

How to make AirPods automatically connect to your Mac?

how to connect air pods to macbook

If you have AirPods, you undoubtedly use them with a variety of gadgets—at the very least, your phone and computer. Apple will enable you to automatically connect your AirPods to the device that is now playing audio as long as you are signed in with the same Apple ID across all of your devices. This is incredibly useful and can help you save a tonne of time.

If your devices match the following requirements, automatic switching should be enabled by default and not require any action from you.

You have AirPods from the second generation or later.

The most recent operating system version is installed on each device.

On all of your devices, you are logged in with the same Apple ID.

Automatic switching might be highly bothersome to certain people. Disable automatic switching to manually regulate how your AirPods connect:

  • Open Settings > Bluetooth on your iPhone or iPad while wearing your AirPods, press More Info next to them, then tap Connect to This iPhone/iPad > When Last Connected to This iPhone/iPad.
  • Open System Preferences > Bluetooth on your Mac while wearing your AirPods, click Options next to them, then select When Last Connected to This Mac from the Connect to This Mac menu.
  • Advice: Manually connecting every wireless device to your Mac may be excessive if you frequently have several wireless devices connected to it.
  • With the help of the Bluetooth helper ToothFairy, you can streamline your workflow by creating unique menu bar icons for each of your devices so you can instantly distinguish between them and connect with a single click.

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How to Fix AirPods Not Connecting 

How to Fix AirPods Not Connecting 

It might be challenging to diagnose AirPods connectivity issues because so many different things could have gone wrong! You can identify the issue and make sure you can connect your AirPods easily once more by using the following advice:

If you find any stains on your AirPods, wipe them clean with a gently wet cloth or just use a dry, lint-free cloth. Before you re-connect them to your Mac or iPhone, make sure they are dry. If you experience issues with one AirPod, change the stereo balance on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Remove and then re-pair your AirPods. Perhaps a quick treatment is all you need! If you are unable to connect AirPods to Mac, try alternate apps like AirBuddy or ToothFairy.
If all else fails, return the AirPods to their default settings.

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