How to Connect Oculus Quest 2 to TV and PC?

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how to connect oculus quest 2 to tv

It’s quite helpful to learn how to connect your Oculus Quest 2 to your TV and computer, especially if you want to amuse folks around you. Here is how you can start involving others in the fun.

Superhot VR, Beat Saber, Pistol Whip, and Population One are just a few of the amazing games that are included in the Oculus Quest 2 (also known as the Meta Quest 2). Even though virtual reality is frequently a fairly private experience, there are instances when exchanging in-game thrills with others may be a lot of fun.

Learning how to cast games with your Oculus Quest 2 is really helpful whether you want to teach a friend how to play or just want to show off how good you are at your favorite VR game.

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How to Connect Oculus Quest 2 to Your PC and TV

Simply adhere to the procedures listed below to connect your Oculus Quest 2 to your PC:

  1. Turn on your computer, go to, and log in with your existing credentials. You should use a Chromecast or the built-in browser on your TV.
  2. To access the menu, put on your headset and press the oculus icon on your controller.
  3. Choose “Sharing,” then choose “Cast.”
  4. Next, choose the precise PC or TV you want to connect to.
    Check to see if your PC or TV is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your headset if you don’t see it listed.
  5. You can cast your games to your PC once you’ve done the aforementioned.

How to Connect Oculus Quest 2 to Your PC, the Oculus App, and Steam

how to connect oculus quest 2 to tv

Here’s how to use Steam to play games like Half-Life Alyx or transform your quest into a Rift:

Get the Oculus app connected:

  1. On your Windows computer, download the Oculus app.
  2. Launch the app, then choose “Add Headset.” Choose a headset.
  3. You can utilize a link cable or Air Link (wireless) (wired). Any USB-C cable will function, although if at all possible, a lengthy one is preferred.
  4. The software should detect the cable after you plug it into your headset and computer.
  5. Put on your headset, go to settings, select experimental, and turn on Air Link there. Set up wireless pairing by choosing Air Link from the main settings menu and following the instructions on the screen and in the Oculus app on your PC.

Once connected, the Oculus software will effectively recognize your Quest 2 as a Rift, a more potent headset, allowing you to access more challenging VR games. Playing games you already own will be the only challenge because Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift’s shops do not automatically support cross-buying.

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How to Cast Oculus Quest 2 to A Chromecast or Smartphone?

The Methods Are Slightly Different if You Want to Cast Your Oculus Quest 2 to Your Phone or Chromecast.

But if You Adhere to The Guidelines Listed Below, You’ll Be Able to Share Your Gameplay Right Away.

  1. Get Your Phone’s Oculus App Open.
  2. On Your Screen, Click the Headset Symbol in The Upper Right Corner.
  3. Choose the Headset You Want to Cast from Under “cast From.”
  4. Choose “this Phone” or The Chromecast Device You Want to Use Under Cast To.
  5. To Begin Casting, Tap Start at The Bottom of Your Screen, Put on Your Headset, and Then Adhere to The Rest of The Instructions.

You Now Have All the Information You Require to Connect Your Oculus Quest 2 to Chromecast, Tv, Pc, and Mobile Devices.

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