How to Create a Facebook Poll: Know Your Customer in 2022

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how to create a poll on facebook

Facebook polls are entertaining and informative. They amuse your clients while also frequently helping you and your business.

Facebook polls are straightforward and easy to complete. So feel free to employ them whenever you’re thinking about what other people could be thinking.

Through Facebook, you can set up an open poll to ask a question, change the answers, and let users pick the best response.

Benefits of Using Facebook Polls for Your Business?

You should use Facebook polls for a variety of reasons. Some of the more important ones are:

To encourage your fans to view more of your material, a poll increases engagement. It is important to keep in mind that Facebook’s algorithm rewards posts with high levels of engagement and relevance to a particular audience. The only way to raise the number of views on organic posts on a brand’s account is to interact with your audience, so do it!

With the help of polls, this strategy promotes two-way communication with the audience and helps you establish your brand. The purpose of polls is to demonstrate your concern for your consumers’ opinions. For instance, many companies provide their products to consumers with the hopes that they will like them.

Gathers user feedback in a more engaging and appealing way. You’ll hear feedback from those in particular who are afraid to criticize or yell at customer service.

Through the capacity to get responses to inquiries that could aid in the development of your marketing strategy, you can solicit suggestions from your clients. Simply asking questions will elicit a wealth of knowledge from people that you might not otherwise obtain.

Conduct market research to learn more about your target audience. For instance, a restaurant or food producer might not be aware of how important low-sugar or salt-free meals are to their patrons without being asked.

When utilized properly, polls can increase lead generation since they demonstrate that your service or product has features or benefits that customers want and need, demonstrating its superiority to what it would be if it didn’t.

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How to Create a Poll on Facebook?

No longer is it possible to create a poll on Facebook directly from the Newsfeed or even your timeline. Instead, the only places where you may publish a poll are on Messenger, Facebook Groups, story or event pages, and Facebook Groups.

Group Polls on Facebook

Facebook Groups are one of the most useful resources for companies using this social media platform. You can build communities with their help, and your customers will be more engaged.

Facebook Groups are different from company Pages, which have difficulty achieving an organic reach of more than 5%. Posts from groups are pushed into newsfeeds by the algorithm. This indicates that you can reach more people organically without spending money on marketing.

We’ll outline how to build polls for your group in the sections below. The actual page as well as a sample business page are also available.

Step 1: Go to Your Group

how to create a poll on facebook

Choose the group you want to poll from by visiting the Facebook Newsfeed on your desktop or mobile device, and clicking the “Groups” icon in the left-hand menu.

Step 2: Create a Post

how to create a poll on facebook

To submit a post, select the “What’s on your mind” option. Enter the “Add to your post” section once the pop-up window has appeared. Next, select an alternative by clicking the three dots.

Step 3: Create Your Facebook Poll

how to create a poll on facebook

There will be several options on a newly revised “Add to your post” screen. Start by selecting “Poll” from the list. By doing so, the “Create post” pop-up will appear, where you can put your polling choices in the “Write something” box.

Step 4: Publish Your Facebook Poll

how to create a poll on facebook

Click “Poll Options” after you have completed all of the fields. Choosing whether or not voters can add alternatives and if they can select more than one option is an option here.

Click “Post” when you are finished.

How to Create a Poll on Facebook Story?

Facebook Stories allows polls in the same way that Instagram Stories does. Therefore, learning how to create polls for your Facebook page utilizing the Stories framework may be beneficial to your marketing strategy. If you’re attempting to determine how well-known a specific good or service is, this is the situation.

The “Add to Story” button is found in the upper right corner of your feed and can be used to add a Facebook Poll to a Facebook Story. Numerous options are available, including Text music, Text, Boomerang, Mood, and Selfie. The option to make a poll is the last option when it comes to the amount of time spent creating this blog article.

how to create a poll on facebook

The poll button lets you pose a query and then choose from two possible responses; the default wording is a simple yes/no response. You can choose the default backdrop colors, which will be used. It should resemble this:

Additionally, by clicking the sticker icon while selecting a video or photo to share, you can choose the polling option. This is a great way to assess a video’s level of popularity. If you have devoted followers, or if they are impressed by the idea you convey in the video. The poll’s results may be worth their weight in gold if its goal is to enhance marketing techniques.

How to Create a Poll on Facebook Messenger?

how to create a poll on facebook

You must first form a group in order to conduct an online poll or poll on Facebook Messenger.

Create an online poll in the group chat by tapping the “+” icon and then the polls icon.

A response and one or more choices should be included in your poll.

Fill out the “Question” area with your inquiry, and the “Add alternatives” field with your response choices.

Adding more than one option is advised even though the polls feature only allows you to select one.

To create a poll, press “Create Poll” after you’ve finished inserting your question and possible answers.

The poll will be posted in the group’s chat room.

You and the other members of the group chat may vote.

Tap “Vote” and then choose the option you want to vote for if you want to cast a ballot.

The vote can now be cast by tapping “Submit.”

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How to Make a Poll on A Mobile Facebook Page

1. In the lower right corner of Facebook, click the three vertical lines.

2. Select your page by clicking on Pages.

3. Tap “Publish” in the box on the right side of the page.

4. After swiping down, select Poll.

5. Ask the question you want to ask.

6. Fill out the boxes labeled “Option 1” and “Option 2” Enter the poll’s options here. You may enter as many characters as you like.

7. After your poll is finished, you may tap the one-week drop-down and choose the day you want it to end (one day, one week, or Custom).

8. Press Share.

  • Create Different Types of Facebook Polls
  • Ask the Right Questions
  • Collect feedback & understand your audience


Any business needs to use polls as a vital tool. They offer immediate access to your consumers’ perceptions of you, the problems and difficulties they face, and the best course of action for resolving those problems.

When you make the right inquiries, you can modify your marketing strategy to satisfy your client’s needs and provide them with the products they actually want.

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