Use Your I Phone or I Pad to Manage and Delete Contacts

Do you know how to erase many contacts from your iPhone simultaneously? If you’re unsure, we don’t blame you. Before, selecting names and numbers to erase from your iPhone required you to go into iCloud, which made the procedure more difficult.

However, a new function was covertly included in Apple’s iOS 16 update that enables you to swiftly choose numerous entries to erase contacts from your iPhone. It’s odd that this seemingly straightforward upgrade has taken so long to release. We’re happy it’s here, though, and we’ll walk you through how it operates in detail below.

On Your iPhone, how To Erase Several Contacts

1. Launch the Contacts application or open the Phone application and choose Contacts from the bottom menu.

2. Look for the contacts you wish to get rid of.

3. Next, drag one contact up or down with two fingers to pick further contacts to remove. If they have been chosen, they will be highlighted in grey, letting you know.

4. Release your fingers after selecting every contact that has to be deleted.

5. After that, long-press on the gray-selected contacts to bring up a menu where you may choose whether to Copy, Share, Merge, or Delete the contacts. Press delete.

Multiple contacts may now be deleted from your iPhone at once with relatively little effort.

We’ve also included alternate techniques below that include utilizing iCloud and third-party applications if the procedure above doesn’t work for you and you want more flexibility in how you erase contacts from your phone, such as if contacts aren’t adjacent to each other but you still want to get rid of them completely.

They are a little trickier, but they allow you even more power over what you can erase.

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iOS 16 and contacts

Things function a little differently in iOS Mail than they do in your Contacts app. Users may be accustomed to quickly choosing several contacts using the edit button, selecting specific contacts using bullet points, and then just pressing the selected contacts to delete them.

Unfortunately, Contacts on your iPhone don’t operate precisely like this. That doesn’t imply, though, that there isn’t a good workaround. Users should be aware of a few things before we start. First, only iOS 16 will support removing several contacts at once.

This approach will, at the very least, only function with the update. For several reasons, keeping your phone up to date is crucial. Users can find a multitude of new features in addition to the most recent security upgrades and vulnerability patches, especially when upgrading to iOS 16.

By heading to Settings > General > Software Update, you can make sure that your device is up to current. Make careful to update your phone as frequently as you can.

On an iPhone or iPad, how do you delete contacts?

So, is it possible to erase several contacts at once on an iPhone? Yes, you can simply delete contacts in bulk from your Mac or PC, and the changes will sync to your iPhone via iCloud. Bulk deletion of contacts is not possible from your iPhone, though.

If you wish to delete several contacts from your iPhone, click on to the sections below about the Mac or Windows PC. Here’s how to erase contacts from your iPhone if you only want to remove one contact:

  • Tap the contact you wish to remove in the Contacts app after opening it.
  • In the card’s top right corner, tap Edit.
  • Tap Delete Contact after swiping down to the very bottom of the screen.
  • Hit Delete. Make another call to confirm.