How to Quickly & Easily Delete Multiple Contacts on an iPhone (2022)

how to delete multiple contacts on iphone

It takes some skill to delete numerous contacts at once on an iPhone. Since there is no multi-delete option in Contacts on the iPhone, deleting contacts will take a while.

In actuality, using a Mac or PC to swiftly remove several contacts from your iPhone is the simplest method. You’ll see how to remove contacts on an iPhone, Mac, and PC in our tutorial.

Where Should You Delete Contacts?

how to delete multiple contacts on iphone

If you have Contacts syncing enabled in your iPhone’s iCloud settings, you can quickly mass delete a number of contacts on your computer, and the results will appear on your iPhone. The removal of multiple contacts from any iPhone is covered in this guide.

Additionally, we’ll go over how to remove a contact from your iPhone individually and what to do if you need to remove all of your contacts from your iPhone at once because you’re throwing the phone away.

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Whether you want to delete a single contact or numerous contacts at once, as well as whether you have a Mac or Windows PC, will determine the simplest approach to remove contacts from your iPhone.

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How to Delete Contacts on iPhone

  1. Open the Contacts app.

how to delete multiple contacts on iphone

2. Locate the contact you wish to delete and tap it.

how to delete multiple contacts on iphone

3. Tap Edit in the upper right corner of the card.

how to delete multiple contacts on iphone

4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap Delete Contact.

how to delete multiple contacts on iphone

5. Tap Delete Contact again to confirm and then tap

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Deleting All Contacts on iPhone

Instead of returning an iPhone to factory settings, users occasionally make the error of mass-deleting all of their contacts and other personal data before handing the device on. This also occurs when the iPhone is being sold, albeit it happens more frequently when the owner is simply giving the phone to a family member.

You do not need to delete all of your contacts, but you will need to completely sign out of Apple ID and iCloud and erase all of your data from the iPhone by resetting the device to its factory settings in order to protect your privacy and avoid the difficulties that come with sharing an Apple ID with another person.

All of the contacts on that iPhone will be wiped when the data is removed, but they won’t be removed from any other location’s Contacts app.

Setting up Family Sharing, which enables you to share purchases while using different Apple IDs, is a good idea if you intend to give the cleared device to a family member and want to be able to share App Store and iTunes purchases.

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