How to Double Space in Microsoft Word?

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how to double space in word

It’s possible that you’ll need your paper to be double-spaced. Or perhaps you prefer this format for your work since it makes it easier to read. Depending on whether it’s the entire text or just a piece, there are a few different ways to double-space in Microsoft Word.

How to Double-Space Your Document in Word?

how to double space in word

In the Word Desktop Version for Windows and Mac, You Can Add Double Spacing to Your Document Even After It Has Already Been Started. Just Three Clicks Are Required.

  1. Go to The Design Tab.
  2. Click Paragraph Spacing in The Ribbon.
  3. Select Double.


The Format for The Rest of Your Document Should Subsequently Change to Double Spacing.

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How to Double Space Part of A Document in Word

how to double space in word

You Have a Few Options if You Want to Double Space Just a Portion of Your Document or If You’re Using Word for The Web.

  1. Decide Which Text to Double Space.
  2. Select the Home Tab.
  3. Then Select Line and Paragraph Spacing.
  4. From the Drop-Down Menu, Select 2.0.

As an Alternative, You Can Perform the Steps Listed Above, but In Step 4 Select Line Spacing Options.

  1. Verify You Are on The Indents and Spacing Tab in The Popup that Appears.
  2. Select Double Under Line Spacing from The Drop-Down List in The Spacing Section.
  3. Press Ok.

You Ought to Then See only The Chosen Text Change to Double-Spaced Using Either of The Aforementioned Methods.

How to Double Space in The Word Mobile App

Double-Spacing Can Be Used Throughout a Document when Using Word on A Mobile Device, Just Like It Can on The Web.

  1. Decide Which Text to Double Space.
  2. To Access the Home Tab at The Bottom, Tap.
  3. Choosing Paragraph Formatting
  4. Select the Line Spacing.
  5. From the List, Choose 2.0.

The Selected Text Will Then Appear Double-Spaced.

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In Microsoft Word, Go Beyond Single Spacing

Double Spacing Your Microsoft Word Page Simply Takes a Minute, Whether out Of Need or Desire. Thus, Keep These Possibilities in Mind when Utilising Word on A Desktop Computer, a Web Browser, or A Mobile Device.

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