Spotify: How To Download Songs on Spotify

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how to download spotify songs

While listening to music online is convenient, knowing how to download tracks from Spotify is also useful. This will allow you to listen to your subscription music even when no data or Wi-Fi connection is available, such as on a trip or while riding the metro.

While free users are limited to downloading podcasts, Spotify Premium members can store up to 10,000 tracks on five devices at once. Follow the simple instructions below to start listening without an internet connection.

Where do we begin? See this page for Spotify’s download instructions.

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It’s important to remember that you can only download full albums, playlists, or podcasts, not individual songs. You can, however, create a separate playlist with just that song in it, and then use that playlist to get the download.

You’ll need to be online at least once every 30 days to keep using your downloads; doing so will provide the user data Spotify requires to compensate the artists you listen to.

Spotify’s iOS and Android apps differ significantly, so we’ll start by showing you how to download music on iOS, and then we’ll switch gears and teach you how to do the same thing on Android.

How to Download Songs in Spotify on iOS

how to download spotify songs

1. To start downloading a playlist, open it in Your Library. Select the little circle with the arrow in the center to begin downloading.

2. Spotify will start transferring all the tracks to your gadget. A green download icon will appear next to both downloaded music and playlists. It’s as easy as playing a song from Your Library if you’ve downloaded it as if you were listening

How to Download Songs on Spotify on Android?

how to download spotify songs

  1. First, access Your Library, then the playlist you wish to download. The app’s settings can be accessed by tapping the three dots in the upper right corner.
  2. Then, after selecting “Download,” Spotify will start saving the music to your smartphone.
  3. Like on iOS, a little green arrow icon will appear next to your downloaded music or playlist to indicate that it has been saved locally. The music in your downloaded My Library playlist will play just like it would if you were listening to a live stream.

Check out our guides on how to use the Spotify karaoke mode, if you’re in the mood for a singalong, and the Spotify equalization, if you’re looking to improve the sound quality of your music library.

Here you’ll find instructions on how to deactivate your Spotify account, as well as how to download songs and submit them to the service. The steps for connecting a JBL speaker are just the beginning; we have many more audio guides available.

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