iOS 16: How To Edit and Unsend Text Messages on An iPhone

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how to edit and unsend messages on iphone

Texting may be challenging at times, whether you’ve sent a terrible message or experienced awkward auto-correct errors. However, you can now edit and unsend your texts within Messages thanks to iOS 16. There are some restrictions, such as time limits, but overall, these are great long-overdue improvements.

How to Edit or Unsend Messages Tutorial

Check out our iOS 16 roundups for a complete breakdown of the new key features as well as information on how to download Apple’s most recent operating system.

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How to Unsend Messages

how to edit and unsend messages on iphone

It’s crucial to keep in mind that you only have a two-minute window in which to unsend a message. To cancel sending a message, simply long-press on it and tap Undo Send. You’ll notice an animation right away where your message fragments before disappearing entirely.

Both parties will notice a notification that a message has been erased within the Message window, even if the other party may not be able to access the text. A line that says “You unsent a message” will appear for those who sent texts.

A notification that reads, “[Insert Your Contact Name Here] unsent a message,” will appear for individuals who got the SMS in the meanwhile.

However, the function won’t function until both users’ iPhones are running iOS 16. While messaging someone who is using it to edit and unsend messages on your iPhone, if you choose to retract your message, it will still be present on their phone.

A notification that reads, “You unsent a message,” will also be sent to you. If the software hasn’t been updated, [Insert contact name here], may still see the notification on certain devices.

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How to Edit Messages

how to edit and unsend messages on iphone

Long-press on the text and select Edit to edit a message. The full message can then be rewritten or a typo can be fixed in the small text box that then appears. When you’re finished, tap the blue checkmark on the right to bring up the revised message.

You can tell when a text has been edited by the blue “Edited” label that appears beneath it. Depending on how many times it has been edited, tapping on it will display the complete history of edits in chronological order.

It will only function if both you and the person you’re texting are on iOS 16, just like with the Unsend message feature. The original message will be followed by the words “Updated to [enter the new edited message]” if the recipient is using iOS 15.

It’s important to remember that message editing has a time limit. A text can only be edited five times in total during the allotted 15 minutes. So pick those edits carefully.

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