How to Reset an iPhone Factory Settings without A Password?

If you own an iPhone, you are aware that, so long as a passcode is set, your data is extremely protected. This is great news if you lose your smartphone, but it becomes problematic if you’re the one who forgets their passcode and they find themselves suddenly unable to use their phone at all.

Resetting the iPhone to factory settings is a possibility, so if you’ve ever wondered how to open a locked iPhone without the password, now you know.

The only option to proceed in such a situation is to reset your phone to factory settings and configure it from scratch. Fortunately, it is possible to reset an iPhone without knowing the passcode in a few different methods.

Method 1: PassFab iPhone Unlocker

how to factory reset iphone without password

A good iPhone unlocker with many features and a user-friendly UI is the PassFab iPhone Unlocker. For instance, it can open a locked, disabled, or screen-broken iOS device. Whether we’re discussing iPhones, iPads, or iPod Touches, this is effective.

Because passcodes are so difficult to remember, many iOS users end up bricking their devices. PassFab, however, enables users to reset iOS devices even if they forget their passcode or Apple ID. Even better, the most recent iOS 16 beta version is compatible with this program.

If you can’t use Face ID or Touch ID on your device, your screen is too damaged to enter a passcode, your device is disabled, or you forget your passcode, PassFab will still function.

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How to Factory Reset iPhone Without Password with PassFab?

how to factory reset iphone without password

It normally involves entering the passcode to perform an iPhone factory reset without a password. You won’t be able to enter the code if you’ve forgotten it or if the screen is too damaged to allow you to do so. As a result, we will start by unlocking the screen.

First, make sure PassFab is set up on your machine. Since you can’t actually reset your iDevice with the free trial, you’ll need the full version.

  1. Launch PassFab, then select one of the four primary features shown on the screen. Select Unlock iOS Screen then hit Start.
  2. A PC running PassFab should be connected to your iPhone or iPad. When the device is discovered, click Next.
  3. Save and download the firmware package. Depending on how fast your connection is, this will take a while. You’ll need roughly 7GB of storage space to download the firmware package, just so you know.
  4. When the download is finished, select Start Remove from the screen’s menu.
  5. You’ll be able to access the device without a passcode once the procedure is finished.
  6. The subsequent stage is really simple. Select Transfer or Reset iPhone under Settings > General. After that, select Erase All Content and Settings.

Method 2: iTunes

how to factory reset iphone without password

With access to iTunes on your computer, you may also reset your iPhone. Only if your device has already been synced with iTunes will this function.

How to Use iTunes to Reset an iPhone Without a Password?

Open iTunes and connect your iPhone to your computer. Select Summary from the menu on the left.

Locate and select the Restore iPhone option from the new menu. Restore your iPhone by confirming your selection in the new window. This will require some time.

You will then have access to your iPhone and every piece of data you had stored on it up until the most recent backup.

Method 3: Recovery Mode

how to factory reset iphone without password

If you’ve ever questioned how quickly to factory reset your iPhone, you should be aware that there is another method you can use if you’ve forgotten your passcode. To lock your iPhone in recovery mode and use iTunes, you’ll need a computer.

How to Use Recovery Mode to Factory Reset Your iPhone Without a Password

  • First, you’ll need to launch iTunes and enter recovery mode.

iPhone 8 and later: Quickly push the Volume Up button, hold it down for a second, then quickly press and release it. Next, press and hold the Power button until the recovery mode screen appears.

iPhone 7: Hold down both the Power and Volume Down buttons while waiting for the recovery mode screen to display.

iPhone 6S and prior: Hold the Home, Top, and Side buttons down until the recovery mode screen appears.

  • Use a USB cord to link the device to your computer.
  • You will be given the choice to update or restore your device in a prompt that appears on iTunes. Decide on Restore. The wonderful work of PassFab iPhone Unlocker makes it possible for anyone to factory reset an iPhone without a password.

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The best way to reset iPhone factory settings without a password is with PassFab iPhone Unlocker, and we also suggest using iTunes or iCloud to accomplish this. To solve your problems, use the appropriate approach.

Please note that performing an iPhone factory reset without a password will erase all of the data stored on your device, including all of your messages, contacts, images, and other content.

Although not ideal because you can’t perform any data backups, resetting an iPhone to factory settings without a passcode may end up saving you a lot of headaches in the future.

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