How to Fill out And Sign PDF Forms without Printing?

how to fill and sign pdfs without printing

Part 1: Introduction Wondershare PDF element

Part 4: Wondershare PDFelement's Benefits and Drawbacks

We frequently encounter PDF forms that need to be completed and signed in both our professional and academic lives. Applications, invoices, and registration forms are all examples of these forms. It can occasionally be challenging to complete and sign these PDFs, especially if we lack the necessary resources.

Anyone who has ever had to fill out a PDF form will attest to the difficulty of trying to type in little boxes before printing, signing and scanning the completed form. Even with the introduction of digital signatures, the procedure is still lengthy and frequently involves several phases.

A game-changer in the realm of PDF forms is PDFelement. You may quickly and conveniently fill out forms using its user-friendly interface without printing them off. Additionally, you can electronically sign PDF papers without looking for a physical copy.

Working with PDF forms is now simpler and faster than ever thanks to the PDFelement pdf form editor. You may save time and avoid the inconvenience of printing by filling out your forms on the move with PDFelement’s free PDF editor.

With this program, filling out any form of the document has never been simpler!

Part 2: Using Wondershare PDFelement, fill out and sign PDF documents

Part 4: Wondershare PDFelement's Benefits and Drawbacks

Step1: Open PDF form

-Open PDFelement to go to the main window.

-Click the “Open files” button on the main software window.

-You can now browse the PDF form by opening it in a file explorer window.

-Select “PDF” and then click “Open” to access the desired file. Select “PDF” to upload it.

After the PDF document has been successfully uploaded, select the “Form” tab from the toolbar.

-A blue notice indicating the presence of interactive form fields will appear at the top of the document.

-The program will highlight blank fields on the document that needs to be filled out after clicking the “Highlight Fields” link next to this notification.

Step 2: Add an Electronic Signature

-Select “Comment” from the menu bar’s tabs.

-Click “Make” to create a signature, then select “Handwriting signature.”

-You can type, draw, or upload an image of your signature to produce a PDF signature.

Step 3. Add Digital Signature

-Click the “Add digital Signature” icon under the “Form” sub-menu to add a signature to your form.

After deciding where you want the signature to appear, drag the signature zone to the required size.

-An alternative is to first click your signature box, then the “Preview” symbol in the top right corner.

-A new window will open after you choose “Add Digital ID,” allowing you to enter your ID and password. Simply click “I want to create a new digital ID” and adhere to the instructions if you don’t already have one.

-To apply the signature to the space you chose, click the “Sign” button one last time.

Part 3: Using Hi PDF’s Free Online PDF Editor to Annotate and Sign PDF Files

Part 4: Wondershare PDFelement's Benefits and Drawbacks

Step 1: Upload PDF

-Click “Choose File” to choose a file from the place on your device.

-Alternatively, you have the option of dragging and dropping the PDF file into the appropriate area.

Step 2: Three Different Approaches to Making a Signature

-Now select the “Sign” tab or the blue pen symbol.

-At this point, click the “+” sign next to “New Signature.”

-A popup screen with the header “Create Signature” will now appear, giving you three choices (type, draw, and image)

-Type your name in the “Type” box, select your signature style, and then click “Create.”


Use a stylus pen or touchpad to draw your signature under the “Draw” option before selecting “Create.”


Upload the picture of your signature using the “Image” option, then click “Upload.”

-At this point, drag and drop the signature into place. You can also change the signature’s size.

Step 3. Apply and Download

-At last, press “Apply.”

Your signed PDF will be available in a short while.

-You can instantly share it on Dropbox or Box or download it to your own drive.

Part 4: Wondershare PDFelement’s Benefits and Drawbacks

Part 4: Wondershare PDFelement's Benefits and Drawbacks


-Helps with electronic signature creation:

The ability to create electronic signatures is one of Wondershare PDFelement’s excellent features. Because you only need to make a signature once, you may add it to any PDF document you need to sign, saving you a tonne of time. Your documents are fully validated thanks to the quick and simple process.

-Adopts and supports the creation of digital signatures:

If you need to sign documents that will be sent electronically, this is extremely helpful. You can make sure that the document cannot be changed without your consent by employing a digital signature. Therefore, Wondershare PDFelement is a fantastic choice for anyone who frequently has to sign papers.

-Obtain real-time tracking of signature status:

It can securely transfer papers to recipients and obtain their electronic signatures while keeping track of their status in real-time. When trying to maintain track of crucial documents, this can be very beneficial. This is only accessible for Cloud, though.

-Generate a PDF stamp:

The ability to design stamps for PDF documents is another feature of PDFelement. In order to rapidly add signatures or other significant information to a document, this can be useful.

-Notices the following table in the PDF:

Tables in PDF documents can also be recognized by PDFelement, making it simple to copy and paste table data into another program.


The fact that some functions of Wondershare PDFelement are behind a paywall is one of its main downsides. Users must pay for the premium edition of the software in order to enjoy these features. Even though the subscription fee is reasonably priced, it may deter consumers who are looking for a free PDF editor.

There are three distinct plans for PDFelement: annual, two-year, and permanent.

Updates and access to all features are included in the $79.99 annual subscription.

Updates and access to all features are included with the $109.99 2-year plan.

For $129.99, you can access all features with the perpetual plan.

All options come with free 1GB of cloud storage for documents, no watermarking, and free technical support.


Without having to print out the PDFs, PDFelement is a terrific tool for filling them up and signing them. The procedure is straightforward, and the software provides a lot of user-friendly features. It includes a range of features that make it perfect for completing forms and signing papers, and it is accessible for both Windows and Mac computers.

First of all, it makes it simple to annotate any PDF file with text, images, signatures, and other elements. The integrated OCR tool can be used to digitize and alter scanned documents. You may also sample Wondershare PDFelement before you buy it because it is inexpensive and comes with a free trial.

Another excellent choice for electronically signing documents and filling out forms is HiPDF Free Online PDF Editor. All popular browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge, are compatible with this web-based application.

A number of features provided by HiPDF make it simple to complete forms and sign papers. It does not, however, have as many capabilities as Wondershare PDFelement because it is an online-based program.

Additionally, connectivity is a constraint. Therefore, if you are a frequent user, Wondershare PDFelement is your best choice for electronically completing forms and signing papers while offline.

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