How to Resolve an Android App that Keeps Crashing?

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how to fix app keeps stopping in android

In Android, a number of factors might cause an application to repeatedly crash or stop working. Corrupt cache files, bad memory management, insufficient storage, software problems, device incompatibility, etc. could all be contributing factors to the issue. The error message “App keeps crashing” can also be brought on by a bad or unreliable internet connection and server outage.

Given the variety of the contributing components, you might need to try several troubleshooting techniques before the issue is resolved. This tutorial discusses several solutions to fix an Android app that keeps crashing.

1. Force Stop the App

If an Android app can’t finish a task or action, it might keep halting. In most cases, forcing the programme to close and then reopen can restore order.

  1. Tap App info or the info I icon by long-pressing the app’s icon on the home page.

how to fix app keeps stopping in android

2. On the confirmation box, choose OK after tapping Force Stop.

how to fix app keeps stopping in android

Check to see if the app still functions after reopening it. Force-close the app once more, shut down other programmes and then reopen it if it still freezing.

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2. Clear the App’s Cache and Storage Data

Another reason an app can keep crashing is an excessive buildup of temporary files. Check to see whether the app’s performance improves by deleting its cache file. If not, delete the app’s storage information and try again.

Force the app to close and then take these actions:

  1. Select Settings > Apps & Notifications. Select the app that keeps quitting or crashing after seeing all apps (or App details).

how to fix app keeps stopping in android


2. Tap the Clear Cache button after selecting Storage & cache.

how to fix app keeps stopping in android

Open the app and utilise it for a while. Delete the app’s storage data and try again if the issue continues.

3. Select Clear Storage on the “Storage & cache” screen of the programme (see steps #3 and #4). To continue, click OK on the confirmation prompt.

how to fix app keeps stopping in android

3. Update Android System Webview

Apps on Android devices have occasionally crashed abruptly due to a flaky version of the Android System Webview. Since then, Google has made available a stable version of the system element that addressed the app crash problem.

how to fix app keeps stopping in android

Google deployed the stable version on impacted devices automatically, although it also advises manually updating Android System Webview.

Examine the Android System Webview page in the Play Store by searching for it there, then touch the Update button.

4. Update the App

If an app is outdated, poorly made, or has several software bugs, it may malfunction in various ways. Update the app whenever a new version is available since app developers are constantly working to resolve bugs and other problems.

Do the following after forcing the app to close.

  1. Expand the “Advanced” drop-down menu on the application detail page.

2. Select App details under the “Store” heading as you scroll down.

how to fix app keeps stopping in android

You will be directed to the app’s page after the Play Store app has been launched.

3. When the update is finished, select Update and open the app again.

how to fix app keeps stopping in android


If you prefer, you can open the Play Store, enter the app’s name in the search field, choose the app, and hit the Update button. Install the most recent version of the app from reliable and safe APK websites if it isn’t already accessible there.

5. Check the App’s Permission Settings

If an app doesn’t have the authorization to utilise certain essential device components, it can keep crashing (storage, camera, microphone, location, etc.). Make sure the app has access to the required permissions by checking the settings.

  1. Select the app that keeps crashing by going to Settings > Applications & notifications > App info (or See all apps), then press Permissions.

how to fix app keeps stopping in android

2. In the “Denied” section, choose any essential permissions and then modify the access status to Allow.

You are not required to give the app every permission listed on the page. Some permissions are never appropriate for you to accept. For further information, see our list of the 30 app permissions you should never grant on Android.

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Contact the App Developer

Your phone is up to date, all other programmes function properly, internet access is active, and there is ample memory and storage, yet one specific app keeps crashing. How do you behave? If you’ve tried all the aforementioned troubleshooting methods without success, contact the app developer.

Expand the “Developer’s Contact” section on the app’s information page in the Play Store, then send a report to the email or phone number shown there. If the impacted app is a Google app, get in touch with Google Play Help.

You may need to execute a hard reset if the app’s creators discover no issues with it (i.e., factory reset). Alternatively, if it only crashes on your Android smartphone. Create a backup of your files, apps, and other crucial data before factory resetting your phone.

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