How to Fix Copy and Paste Problems in Windows?

how to fix copy and paste not working in windows

One of the most often used features on every computing platform is copy and paste. Despite how convenient it is, nobody wants to deal with Windows’ copy and paste issues. Most of the time, all you need to do is press Ctrl + C to copy, and Ctrl + V to paste. As an alternative, you can copy and paste by utilizing your mouse’s right-click menu. However, when those features malfunction, it is annoying and calls for a fix.

Diagnose Your Keyboard

You might only need one of several fast fixes if copy and paste suddenly stop working. Test the copy-paste keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V) in various scenarios before using them. Open your word processor or browser and type the letters C and V to see if the letters display.

Testing Ctrl is more difficult because there is no obvious output on your screen. Opening a text-based document or webpage and pressing Ctrl + A to see if it selects everything in the window is a nice approach to test it (usually highlighting it in blue).

Try a different keyboard if some of the keys aren’t working. If they function properly on another keyboard, the problem must be with the original keyboard. I’m hoping it’s a software problem that can be resolved using one of the following techniques:

Reconnect the keyboard after unplugging it. (Though it may seem apparent, it should always be the first port of contact.)

Select your keyboard driver in “Device Manager -> Keyboards,” then select “Update driver” from the context menu. Then, proceed as directed.

Alternatively, select “Uninstall device” from the context menu when you right-click your keyboard in Device Manager. When you connect it back in after unplugging it, it will automatically reinstall.

Many keyboards contain driver packages that you may use to upgrade the firmware and drivers on your keyboard. For Logitech keyboards, there is Logitech Options, while for Razer keyboards, there is a page full of drivers and packages. Find the appropriate page for your particular keyboard brand, and update it as much as you can.

If none of these solutions work, there might be a hardware problem, but don’t give up just yet—we still have a lot more remedies in store for you!

How to Fix the Copy and Paste Not Working Issue

When you can’t copy and paste, you could feel as though you’ve lost a key feature, particularly if you depend on it to enhance productivity. Finding the right cause entails tackling each remedy one at a time until complete copy-paste functionality has been restored. The following is a description of the most typical fixes.

1. Update Windows

Copy-paste issues can arise due to specific system flaws. Update Windows, as Microsoft frequently releases new updates that include important patches, and you can fix the issue. How to do it:

  • Pick the “Settings” app from the “Start” menu.
  • On the left, click “Windows Update.” Go to “Settings -> Update & Security” on Windows 10.
  • On the right, click “Check for updates.” When you restart your computer, Windows will look for any available updates, download them, and install them.

how to fix copy and paste not working in windows

2. Temporarily Disable Antivirus Software

The security of your computer depends on having strong antivirus software, however, sometimes this software can interfere with other programs and prevent copy and paste from operating. Disable some of your antivirus features temporarily to fix this, and if that doesn’t work, disable it totally.

If that resolves the issue for you, think about switching your antivirus program. There are other alternatives that can provide excellent protection without interfering with your system. The antivirus you’ve been using for a while is probably not the problem.

3. Run Check Disk Utility

Copy-paste issues in Windows can be caused by corrupt programs or system files. Copy and paste problems may be solved by running a chkdsk scan. How to do it:

  1. Select “This PC” in File Explorer after it’s open.

how to fix copy and paste not working in windows

2. Click “Properties” from the context menu of your primary hard disc.

how to fix copy and paste not working in windows

3. Click “Check” under “Error-checking” on the “Tools” tab.

how to fix copy and paste not working in windows

4. As an alternative, you can use the Command Prompt to launch chkdsk. “Run” can be selected by right-clicking “Start.”

how to fix copy and paste not working in windows

5. Click “OK” after typing cmd.

how to fix copy and paste not working in windows

6. Enter the following command at the prompt:
chkdsk X: /f

Note: Change “X” to the letter designating your system drive; by default, this is “C”.

7. Close the Command Prompt window if you receive an access denied error. To launch the Command Prompt, click “Start,” input cmd, and then choose “Run as administrator.”

how to fix copy and paste not working in windows

8. Press “Y” to accept the request to arrange a scan.

Run Cmd Chkdsk Y To Fix Copy Paste Not Working In Windows

how to fix copy and paste not working in windows

9. Restart your computer and see if the issue has been resolved.

4. Close Open Programs

Power users can have copy and paste issues if they have too many programs or apps open at once. There may be more conflicts with simple functions the more stuff you have open. Closing some open programs can assist if copy and pasting earlier in your session were functioning regularly.

Active Task Manager by pressing Win + X and choosing “Task Manager” if you don’t see many windows open. Look at any open apps that aren’t necessary for the operation of the system and close them if not. Before closing any apps, make sure to save any open work.

5. Disable Send to Bluetooth Add-on

This add-on is related to Microsoft Office and is accessible through the Office program’s “Add-Ins” (also known as “Add-ons” in some versions) section. Look for this add-on in every installed tool and turn it off in each Office tool.

This add-in might not be available in more recent versions of Microsoft Office. However, you can perform the following to verify: (Depends on the version of Office you are using for the specific stages.)

1. Launch any Office file. Word is being used as an illustration.

2. Select “Add-ins” from the “Insert” menu.

how to fix copy and paste not working in windows

3. Open the “Options” menu if you see the “Send to Bluetooth” add-in.

how to fix copy and paste not working in windows

4. Depending on the Office version you’re using, choose “Disable” or “Remove.”

how to fix copy and paste not working in windows


The majority of viruses don’t specifically target copy-and-paste operations, but they can damage drivers and data, making copy-and-paste inoperable. Run a thorough scan of your system to check for infections if you don’t have real-time antivirus installed.

Additionally, you can test out the Microsoft Safety Scanner, a free program that scans for malware problems. Along with Windows Security, this works fantastically.

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