Unlocking Discord Nitro: How to Get Premium Features for Free

With Discord Nitro, you can access additional features like uploading larger files, adding more emojis, streaming HD videos, customizing your profile, and more, all while supporting the servers you are a member of. It costs $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year to get the Nitro, though. It is possible to obtain the Discord Nitro for free through legitimate methods, nevertheless. You can currently utilize these ones as they are currently functioning.

1. Salad

Windows, Linux, and Mac users can install Salad, a free cryptocurrency mining program. For your benefit, it mines cryptocurrency using your computer’s resources. Once you start earning some money from it, you may redeem your cryptocurrency to fund a wallet or use it to purchase Discord Nitro, Amazon gift cards, in-game currency, and offers from sites like Spotify.

To start an account, begin mining, check your amount, redeem it, and access other frequently asked questions, visit Salad’s support page if you have any questions. Your earnings increase with the power of your computer.

2. Nitro Giveaways

how to get free nitro

Nitro giveaways take place on a number of Discord channels. You get nitro for the service promotion on most of these Discord servers, which are primarily centered on advertisements. You can enter to win the Discord Nitro by just taking part in those giveaways. Obtaining Nitro through this technique isn’t assured because, like with all giveaways, there can only be one free winner.

Anyways, you should definitely join some of the top Discord servers listed below Self-promotion Central, Jet’s Dream World, Sound’s Spooky World, Dank’s Dungen, Custom’s Magical World, and Open Advertisements are all available. A captcha-style authentication mechanism is typically included on these servers to prevent bots from joining.

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3. Promotions

Companies occasionally give away free months of Nitro to all of their clients as a promotion or welcome present, much as the Nitro Giveaways. Epic Games, for instance, once offered all of their users free access to Discord Nitro. Currently, if you own Discord Nitro, you may access YouTube Premium for free. For $10, you may get the Nitro and receive a three-month YouTube premium subscription, valued at $33, if you have never subscribed to YouTube Premium before.

4. Discord Partner Program

how to get free nitro

Partners in Discord can get a free Nitro update for their servers. A minimum of 500 users, an active server that is at least 8 weeks old, and a positive atmosphere free of foul language are requirements for applying for partnership on your server.

Select the Partner Program option from the sidebar after starting your Discord server and going to the server settings. If your server meets all of the conditions listed above, click the Apply for Partnership button here. Discord also occasionally suspends the partner program, allowing you to apply later or wait.

5. Download the Mobile App

Downloading the Discord mobile app entitles you to a complimentary month of Discord Nitro from Discord. The catch is there, though. Only if you haven’t previously installed the Discord app on your phone and your account doesn’t have Nitro will it function.

There ought to be a pop-up window asking you to continue after your initial download. Remember that even though you are not required to purchase Discord, it still requests payment information. You don’t have to worry about later cancellations because Nitro isn’t a subscription service.

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6. Events

how to get free nitro

Discord Nitro prizes can be found at several Discord-related events. Although not assured, this is one method of earning Nitro for free. Discord hosts regular events, such as Snowsgiving during Christmas or anniversaries. These events typically include the Discord Nitro along with a ton of free goodies like Xbox, Play Station, Keyboards, Headsets, Game Licenses, etc. Still, the odds of taking home a present are identical to those of a giveaway.