How To Hide Photos On iPhone? You Need To Start Making Use Of Your iPhone’s “Hide Photo” Option!

How To Hide Photos On iPhone

You want to keep a picture secret on your iPhone, huh? You don’t want to remove it, but you also don’t want others to see it, right?

Perhaps you snapped a picture of your husband’s secret birthday wish list so that you can give it to him in a special way on his special day, or you plan to frame a beautiful photo of your children as an anniversary present for your wife.

Your main concern is probably keeping prying eyes out of the images you’ve taken on your iPhone, for whatever reason. One of my main goals is to demonstrate three distinct approaches.

First, Though, Why Would Someone Want To Hide Their Pictures?

How To Hide Photos On iPhone

Let’s start with the primary factor: nudists. Yours? As in, belonging to someone else? There is absolutely no problem with that. In fact, many of us regularly use them. Do you feel safe knowing that a stranger could see your private photos on your iPhone if you were to lose them by accident?

Even though I rarely leave the house, I seem to misplace my iPhone at least twice a day. If you ever lose your phone, you should make it as difficult as possible for anyone to access the photos on it.

Perhaps you have zero concern for the safety of your phone or the privacy of your images being viewed by random people. Perhaps you’re more worried about showing off your photography skills to your pals and having them scroll past a picture of your nether regions by accident.

How To Hide Photos On iPhone

It’s not unheard of or anything. In any case, if you utilize the “Hide Photo” option, you won’t have to worry about it happening. Feel free to scroll without worry. It’s possible that you have other images you’d rather keep secret besides those featuring you in your underwear. (Perhaps you decide not to take them at all; that’s okay, too!) On the other hand, think about the other explanations.

Whether it be for the holidays, a birthday, or any other special event, you may have snapped a photo of a gift you intend to give to someone. And if you’re spending time with that individual, you definitely don’t want them to discover their surprise gift on your phone. Hiding photographs is a cunning strategy for preserving the element of surprise in gifts.

Or perhaps you’ve got a collection of not-so-secret selfies that you’d rather keep hidden from the world. We’re not anti-selfie by any stretch of the imagination, but if you enjoy taking photos but don’t want them in a prominent location on your phone, the “Hidden Album” might be a nice option.

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Are You Prepared To Begin Hiding Photos On Your iPhone?

  • Find the image you wish to conceal within your collection of photographs. In order to pick a picture, first press the “Select” button in the top right corner, then tap the image itself.
  • Then, locate the “Share” icon (a small box with an up-pointing arrow inside it) in the lower-left corner of your display and tap it. You won’t be “sharing” it in the literal sense.
  • Then, after selecting your sharing preferences, scroll down and click the “Hide” button (it looks like an eyeball with a line through it).

How To Hide Photos On iPhone

  • Select “Hide Photo” when requested.
  • The picture is now stored in a folder labeled “Hidden Album,” which can be accessed by navigating to your photo library and scrolling down to the “Utilities” section, where it says “Hidden,” indicated by the same eyeball icon as before. Select “Hidden” to reveal previously concealed images.

How To Hide Photos On iPhone

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Perhaps You Feel Insufficiently Protected By That Measure

Here’s what to do if that’s the case:

  • Enter your iPhone’s settings and look for “Photos.” You can find the “Hidden Album” option in the “Photos” preferences. A button will be located to its right.
  • When it’s green and flipped to the right, it signifies that the “Hidden Album” label (but not the photographs themselves) will be seen in the “Utilities” section of the “Albums” menu. Turning off “Hidden Album” prevents others from viewing your hidden images because the “Hidden Album” option disappears from the “Utilities” menu. Turning it off won’t result in the loss of your discreet photo collection. Your secret photo album will still be in the same place when you turn it back on.

How To Hide Photos On iPhone

Keep in mind that despite your best efforts, your concealed images could still be seen by someone who is aware of all the details we’ve shared in this tale. The “Hide Photo” option is not a foolproof means of concealing images. Apple would need to introduce a passcode, fingerprint, or Face ID method to protect private photos. Still, we haven’t made it.

However, it’s still a good idea to use the “Hide Photo” function, since the person searching your phone might be unaware of this. There is no downside to using the “Hide Photo” feature, and considering that it improves your situation over the status quo, we think it’s money well spent for the time being.

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