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how to install optifine

Many people believe that the modification of Optifine is essential for Minecraft. Because new lighting, shadow, and reflection effects are included, Shader Packs can be installed, substantially altering how Minecraft looks.

But it also provides a tonne of fresh video settings, which can speed up Minecraft’s performance on less powerful hardware. It offers settings to turn off clouds, render at a closer distance than in the base game, and adjust lighting characteristics like Smooth or Dynamic Lighting.

The installation of Optifine for Minecraft and the process of installing your first Shader Pack are both covered in this article.

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how to install optifine

No matter what installation method you use, you must first download Optifine. Visit the Optifine Downloads page to do so. You might need to click the “Show All Versions” option to get the appropriate download because it’s possible that Optifine for the most recent version of Minecraft will be shown first.

After choosing your version and clicking the “Download” button, you’ll have to wait for a short while watching adverts. In the top right corner of the screen, click the Skip button to proceed.

Following that, a.JAR file will be downloaded to your computer via the download URL. Make sure you save this in a place you can access. The most recent Java version might need to be installed if this file type doesn’t appear to be correct.


Version Available
1.7.10 Available
1.8.9 Available
1.9.4 Available
1.10.2 Available
1.11.2 Available
1.12.2 Available
1.13.2 Available
1.14.4 Available
1.15.2 Available
1.16.5 Available
1.17.1 Available
1.18.1 Available


When you only want to play Vanilla Minecraft, it is advised that you install Optifine as a standalone application. If you’re using a mod launcher, scroll down to our Forge and Fabric tutorials instead.

It is undoubtedly the simplest method of installing Optifine. Be aware that while Data packs still function using this method, Forge or Fabric mod installations are not permitted to be installed simultaneously.


The Optifine installer will launch when you open the Optifine.JAR file we downloaded in the previous step, and it will appear like the window below. Make sure the Minecraft Launcher is closed before continuing since otherwise, the Optifine profile won’t install.

The installation folder location is the only item to think about in this window, however most of the time it can be left alone.

The install button can then be clicked. After a short while, Optifine’s installation into your Minecraft directory will be finished. You can proceed to close the Optifine Installer window once it is finished.

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Now that Optifine has been installed, launch Minecraft. The menu dropdown is located in the bottom left corner. This includes all of your installed versions of Minecraft, including Forge, Fabric, and earlier versions.

Open it and choose Optifine from the menu. This profile is brand-new and was added with the installation of Optifine. The version of Optifine and Minecraft that it is installed for are both shown in the lower text.

Optifine will be installed when you begin Minecraft by clicking the PLAY button in the Minecraft Launcher. Going into the Video Options and seeing all the additional settings that are available to you, including Shaders, will allow you to verify that it is functioning.

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