Ways to Determine Whether You Are Being Blocked by Another User!

how to know if someone blocked you

These days, it’s rather simple to block someone by just ending the conversation with a few taps. Typically, that will be plenty to give you some peace of mind.

But what occurs if you’re the one being blocked? It’s much worse when you’re unsure whether you were blocked or not. It might be challenging to live in the unknown.

Fortunately, you may attempt a few different methods to see if someone has blocked you. There’s a chance you won’t like the outcome.

Your Calls Instantly Go to Voice Mail

If you keep contacting someone and all of your calls go to voice mail, you might have been blocked. With endlessly recycled garbage, the App Store has reached saturation point. Eliminate unnecessary apps on your iPhone by choosing these six. Learn more.

Although, that isn’t always the case. It’s possible that the other person is using Do Not Disturb, has their phone off, or has a weak connection. It’s not a good sign, though, if you attempt it multiple times during various hours of the day. Of course, don’t call individuals constantly or you’ll be blocked.

The automated answer, such as a text message, indicates that you have not been blocked. They can’t chat right now because they are too busy, which is wonderful news.

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You Can Try Calling Hiding Your Phone Number

how to know if someone blocked you

You may hide your phone number when you call someone, according to Business Insider. In this manner, you can check to see whether you’re being blocked or ghosted if they do answer your masked phone number but not your actual phone number.

The only thing you have to do is dial *67 before the number you want to call. Your phone number will be hidden as a result, and you can use it to see if the individual is available right now.

Do Your Messages Look Like Regular Text Messages?

You can use the Messages app and iMessage if your conversation partner also owns an iPhone. Your text messages will show up in a blue bubble when you send them over iMessage. Your text bubble can be green, which is not a good sign if the other person blocked you.

how to know if someone blocked you

However, there are other factors as well that could cause the text bubble to turn green. First off, the other individual might have switched to an Android phone without telling you. The iMessage may also be sent as a conventional text message if either you or the recipient doesn’t have a strong internet connection.

You Can’t Send Them Text Messages

Having said that, it is very possible that the other person has blocked you if your regular SMS messages are also not delivered. Again, this can be a result of their phone being off or of a weak signal. But if you’ve tried the other options on the list and are still having trouble, you might have been blocked.

Try Using Other Instant Messaging Apps

how to know if someone blocked you

Other instant messaging services like Telegram, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger might be used to attempt to connect with others.

It’s simpler to determine whether you’re blocked or not using many of these apps. For instance, if someone blocks you on Whatsapp, you won’t be able to view their profile picture or any status updates they publish. Your phone calls, video calls, and texts won’t be received either. You are likely blocked if that is the case.

Ask Someone for Help

Ask a friend or a family member for assistance if you have exhausted all other options and are still unsure whether you have been blocked or not. You can ask them to call the other person or send a message to them just to be sure the call or message got through.

If not, the other person might be experiencing a phone issue, which is also plausible. The bad news is that they’ve probably blocked you if the call or message does get through.

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Life After Getting Blocked

how to know if someone blocked you

Fortunately, even though learning that someone has blocked you is upsetting, life moves on. At least then you won’t be as concerned with whether you’re blocked or not. Rest assured that you will meet more folks in the future.

Just remember not to implement all of our suggestions at once. People may actually block you if you are so pushy.

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