How to Make Your Apple Watch Vibrate Only for Notifications

Its notification system is one of the main reasons we love the Apple Watch. When you need a notification alert, the Apple Watch will notify you with Haptic Feedback, which feels like light taps. This is the correct place to be if you’re new to the watch and want to know how to set it up to vibrate for notifications.

How to Make Apple Watch Vibrate Only

If you want to be informed about warnings when you’re not using your iPhone, the Apple Watch offers a dependable audible alert system. Silencing your smartwatch would be necessary in some circumstances, though, such as project pitches or group goal-setting. The haptic and vibration motors on the Apple Watch are thankfully dependable as well, enabling you to ignore notifications completely while avoiding harsh sound alarms. You may set your Apple Watch to vibrate solely during calls, messages, and applications by following the instructions in this article.

How to Make Apple Watch Vibrate Only for Notifications?

Two steps are necessary to set your Apple Watch to vibrate only when you receive notifications. Your device needs to be set in silent mode and have haptics enabled first.

Turn on haptic alerts on your Apple Watch:

how to make apple watch vibrate only
  • Launch the Apple Watch’s settings app.
  • Access Sounds & Haptics first.
  • When fresh notifications come in, you can enable the smartphone to vibrate by tapping the slider or toggle button next to Haptic Alerts. Touching the screen or the crown on the Apple Watch will also result in haptic feedback.
  • Disabling sound notifications on the device is the next thing you should do. Your Apple Watch will vibrate and sound a chime when a notification is received without needing to be silent.

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How to switch the Apple Watch to silent mode?

Swipe up to reveal the Control Centre after making sure the Apple Watch face is visible on the screen. Press and hold to swipe upward on other screens. You can access the watch face by first pressing the Digital Crown on the Home Screen.)

Track down and tap the bell icon. Apple Watch will automatically switch to haptic notifications and go silent when it turns red.

As an alternative, the Apple Watch’s Settings app > Sounds & Haptics allows you to activate silent mode. Afterward, to stop receiving audible alerts, tap the toggle switch next to Silent Mode.

How to Put Apple Watch on Vibrate for Messages?

Unless you enable haptic alerts and set your Apple Watch in silent mode, it will only vibrate in response to messages. But you can also make sure the smartwatch only vibrates when a new text message arrives by checking and configuring the Messages app.

  • Launch the Apple Watch App on the iPhone that is linked to the wristwear.
  • Choose Messages under the My Watch tab.
  • A new message will only cause it to vibrate if you enable Haptic under Alerts.

How Do I Set My Apple Watch To Only Vibrate When Someone Calls?

The Apple Watch should automatically vibrate for calls, much like it does for messages, but you may explicitly enable this feature. As stated below, take action:

  • Launch the Apple Watch App on the iPhone that is linked to the wristwear.
  • Select the Phone option under the My Watch tab.
  • Go to Alerts, scroll down, and tap the Haptic slider until it turns green, denoting that vibration is activated.
  • The ability to turn off sound alerts for a particular app is also available on the same screen. Without placing the device or system in silent mode, you can turn off audible notifications for any app that you want to avoid.

Making Apple Watch Vibrate Prominently

how to make apple watch vibrate only
  • If you wear an Apple Watch case on top of your device, the vibration is usually strong enough for you to be aware of incoming alerts. However, the device’s settings allow you to customize the way it vibrates.
  • To access Sounds & Haptics, tap on Apple Watch Settings.
  • If it isn’t turned on already, scroll down to Haptic Alerts and activate it.
  • Adjust the vibration to your preferred level. While enabling haptics, the default setting is chosen for you; however, you may choose Prominent to add a haptic tap prior to the device vibrating.
  • There may be a vibration intensity adjustment feature on previous Apple Watches, similar to volume adjustments. But subsequently, the Apple Watch’s most recent iterations no longer have this option.

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What If the Apple Watch Is Not Vibrating?

There could have been an issue with how you configured the haptic alerts on your Apple Watch if it is not vibrating in response to incoming notifications. Verify that haptic feedback is turned on by returning to the Apple Watch’s Sounds & Haptics menu.

Apps that you may have inadvertently turned off vibrate may be the reason why only those apps don’t receive haptic notifications. Check if haptic feedback is enabled by opening the Apple Watch App on your iPhone, selecting the My Watch page, and locating the desired app.

After confirming that the haptic is on, resetting the Apple Watch may be helpful if it is still not vibrating. When the power slider displays, press and hold the side button of the watch. Then, drag it to the right to turn the device off. When the Apple logo appears, tap the side button to turn it back on.