How to Make Your Facebook Friends List Private?

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In the past ten years, Facebook has remained one of the top social media platforms. People have become incredibly devoted to an app that lets them share content and message their pals. People you are friends with on Facebook can see them.

As others can find out whether you have any shared acquaintances, this function has proven useful. But occasionally you might wish to conceal your Facebook friend list, therefore we’ve compiled various solutions for you below.

Is It Possible to Hide Your Facebook Friends List?

how to make friends list private on facebook

On Facebook, You May Quickly Hide Your Friend List by Selecting Who Can See Your Friends List? Under the Settings & Privacy Tab. You May Then Choose Your Preferred Audience and Decide Whether You Want Your Friends’ Contact Information to Be Fully Hidden or Made Visible to Others.\

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Hide Friends List on Facebook Mobile:

By Following These Procedures, You Can Also Conceal Your Facebook Friends List on An iOs (i Phone or iPad) or Android Device:

Step 1: Open the Facebook App for Android or iPhone and Login To Your Account.

Step 2: Tap on The Hamburger Menu at The Top Right (for Android) or Bottom Right of The Screen ( iPhone)

Step 3: Click Settings & Privacy, Followed by Settings, from The Dropdown Menu.

Step 4: Find Privacy, Tap It, Then Tap Privacy Settings.

Step 5: Click “Who May See Your Friends List?” Under “How People Find and Contact You”.  

Step 6: Pick Any Option from The Provided List, but Keep in Mind that The Public Option Is Not Required (means Everyone Can See Your Friends List). only Your Friends Will Be Able to See Your Friend List if You Choose the Friends Option, Which Is One of The Alternatives Open to You.

Other Facebook Users Won’t Be Able to Access the List), Friends Except (allows Just Specific Friends to View Your Inventory While Keeping It Concealed from Others), Specific Friends (allows You to Hide Your Friends List from Some Friends While Allowing Some to See It), and Only Me (hides the Friends List from Everyone Else Except You)

The Audience that Can View Your Friend List Can Be Selected Using a Variety of Facebook Choices. Who May View Your Friends List After Clicking on That Link? the Following Five Choices Will Be Presented to You:

How Do You Conceal Your Facebook Friends List?

Public– Anyone Can See Your Friends List

Friends– Only Your Friends Can See Your Friends List

Friends Except– You Can Choose to Not Show Your Friends List to Some Friends

Specific Friends– You Can Choose to Make Your Friends List Visible to Only Selected Friends

Only Me– Only You Can See Your Full Friends List

Can You Unhide Your Friends List on Facebook?

how to make friends list private on facebook

You Can Return to The Settings and Privacy Area and Click Who Can See Your Friends List? to Reveal Your Friend List if Necessary. You Can Choose to Make Your Friends List Available to All Users or Just a Select Group of Users There.

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Hiding Your Friends List Will Get You One Step Closer to The Level of Privacy You May Desire for Your Facebook Account. as We Indicated, It Is Quite Simple to Conceal Your Buddy List on Desktop and Mobile. Just Follow the Directions Above, and If You Have Any Questions, Feel Free to Express Them in The Comments Section.

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