How to Turn on Dark Mode on a Mac?


What Is Dark Mode?

The dock, trash can, menu bar, and system panels are just a few of the more colorful elements of the operating system that change to black or grey in Dark Mode. The Mac App Store, News, and a few other programs also fall under this description.

The result can be quite dramatic; you’ll see that images with color stand out more on the screen. Additionally, other components like hyperlinks appear to be more noticeable.

With OS X 10.10 Yosemite, Dark Mode was first available on the Mac, and it has since become a standard feature of all subsequent releases of macOS. Dark Mode can help you concentrate more on your work since it makes your content stand out while blending everything else, like user interface controls, into the background.

Because it makes your screen considerably easier on your eyes, it is especially helpful when there is little light. It even slightly extends the life of your battery.

how to make mac dark mode

You can enable Dark Mode without any additional third-party software or tools because it is a built-in feature of macOS. Additionally, it is system-wide, working with a broad variety of third-party apps created by other developers in addition to Apple’s own applications and macOS itself.

This post will demonstrate several quick ways to enable it as well as how to set up a timetable for Dark Mode that handles theme switching automatically.

The most recent version of macOS from Apple, macOS Big Sur, as well as earlier macOS versions are covered in this guide to using Dark Mode. Your Mac’s menu bar, Dock, other interface elements, built-in applications, including Messages and Safari, and supported third-party programs will all turn black when you select Dark Mode.

However, keep in mind that the feature only modifies the menu bar and Dock in macOS High Sierra or before. Therefore, this is how to create Mac dark mode.

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How to Turn on Dark Mode on Mac Os Monterey?

There are several quick and easy ways to activate Dark Mode on macOS Big Sur, and they are all very similar. These are the first three.

Follow these steps to enable Dark Mode in System Preferences:

  • the System Preferences application
  • Toggle General
  • Click Dark to start Dark Mode right away next to Appearance.

You may arrange Dark Mode to automatically turn on and off using System Preferences. Make your selection from Auto rather than Dark. The Dark Mode will then turn on at dusk and turn off once more before dawn.

Use of Siri

If you have a compatible Mac, using Siri to activate Dark Mode may be the quickest and simplest option.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • To activate Siri, select the Siri button in the menu bar of your Mac or the Touch Bar on your MacBook Pro.
  • Simply say “Dark Mode” or “switch on Dark Mode” while giving commands.
  • Control Center usage
  • Activating Dark Mode on a Mac in yet another quick manner avoids
  • Use Control Center by doing the following actions in System Preferences:
  • On your Mac, click the Control Center button.
  • Click Show.
  • Select Dark Mode by clicking it.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Older macOS Versions?

how to make mac dark mode

Older versions of macOS do not support all of the aforementioned techniques. For instance, the Control Center technique is only compatible with the first two versions of macOS, macOS Monterey, and macOS Big Sur.

It’s also important to note that in some prior macOS versions, including macOS High Sierra and before, Dark Mode solely modifies the main menu bar and Dock and has no effect on other apps or UI components. Only macOS versions later than Catalina have an automatic Dark Mode setting that turns the feature on and off at dusk and dawn.

These procedures should be followed to enable Mac night mode in prior versions of macOS:

  • from macOS High Sierra to OS X Yosemite
  • the System Preferences application
  • Toggle General
  • Select the checkbox next to “Use dark menu bar and dock.”
  • OS X Mojave
  • Open the System Preferences app
  • Toggle General
  • Go to Appearance and pick Dark.
  • OS X Catalina
  • the System Preferences application
  • Toggle General
  • Choosing Dark or Auto under Appearance

How to Disable Mac’s Dark Mode?

On a Mac, turning off night mode is as easy as undoing the procedure you used to turn it on. Choosing Light is the better option than Dark. In later versions of macOS, such as Catalina and later, you can choose Auto, which will automatically toggle Dark Mode on at dusk and off again at dawn.

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How to Turn Off Dark Mode on Mac?

how to make mac dark mode

Some people could do without Dark Mode, despite the fact that it makes it easier to concentrate on your duties because your content stands out while darkened settings and windows remain in the background. You may want to switch to the Light visual theme if you are currently using Mac OS’s Dark mode theme.

Here’s how To Go About It:

  • System Preferences can be found under the Apple menu.
  • The General settings panel should be chosen.
  • Look for the Appearance section under the General settings at the top.
  • Select the Light visual theme from the available Appearance options to set MacOS to that look.

All visually styled onscreen elements and programs will switch to the new Light theme design you selected after a brief setting process.

It could take a few seconds for the interface components to move from Dark to Light if you have a lot of open windows and apps, so be patient while you wait for the change to take effect.

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