How to Rent Movies and TV Shows from Amazon Prime Video on Your iPhone!

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how to rent movies on amazon prime

One of the best options available for streaming and downloading movies and TV shows to your iPhone is without a doubt Amazon Prime Video. However, if you try to purchase or rent a movie or television program on any of Amazon’s iOS apps, you’ll discover that there isn’t a readily evident way to do so.

No links, no buttons, nothing. Why is it impossible to purchase or rent anything from Amazon on an iOS device? Although there isn’t a definitive explanation, it is obvious why you can’t buy or rent movies and TV series from within either the Amazon Prime Video or Amazon Shopping apps.

This is because Apple gets a 30% cut of all digital content purchases made within iOS apps. Amazon demands that consumers make purchases outside of the iOS apps rather than bear the loss in income.

How to Order a Movie Rental from Amazon?

Using the Prime Video app on television, a mobile app, or the Amazon website all follow essentially the same procedures for renting movies. The video can be continued to be watched on any device that is linked to the same Amazon account, regardless of where you rent it.

1. Launch the Prime Video app on the device of your choice or log into your Amazon account by opening the Prime Video website in a browser.

2. Track down the movie you wish to view. To find videos by title, genre, actor, or director, browse the categories on Prime Video or use the search bar.

how to rent movies on amazon prime

3. You might have a choice of rental alternatives on the video’s information page. You’ll see Watch Now or Play movies if the video is free. In all other cases, options for renting or purchasing the movie will be shown. These buttons may offer a selection of resolutions, including standard definition (SD), high definition (HD), and 4K UHD.

4. You must enter your PIN to complete the purchase if you have enabled a Prime Video PIN.

5. After selecting a video, it is immediately rented and accessible for viewing. Select My Stuff, then choose the Purchases tab (depending on your device, this tab may also be called Purchases and Rentals) to see all of your Prime Video content that is available for watching.

You Can Use the Safari Browser to Watch a Movie for Free

However, this does not mean that you must use a computer to purchase or rent digital entertainment from Amazon; you can still do it on your iPhone, just not through any of its apps.

how to rent movies on amazon prime

Step 1 Log into Amazon’s Site in Safari

Use Safari on your iPhone to access the Amazon Prime Video area of the company’s website rather than the Amazon Prime Video or Amazon Shopping apps. Sign in to your Amazon Prime account after you’ve arrived.

Step 2 Find the Movie or TV Show You Want

Find the book you’d like to buy or rent after logging in. You will find buy and/or rent choices on the movie’s page if Amazon sells it as a digital video. Simply tap the purchase option you want to use.

Step 3: Use iOS to watch your movies and TV shows

You have a few alternatives for starting to watch the digital media that you bought from Amazon using the Safari browser.

First of all, your movie won’t play in your web browser. The Amazon Prime Video app will immediately start playing when you click “Watch Now” on the movie or TV show’s page. A webpage will load requesting you to download the app if you don’t already have it installed.

Second, you can just use the Amazon Prime Video app and search for the movie there. The “Library” tab at the bottom of the website contains all of your movies and television programs. For the material to play, select “Watch” or “Watch Again.”

Tap “Download” on the content page of a movie or TV show you want to watch later to download it to your iPhone for offline viewing. The “Downloads” tab of the app provides access to each of these items.

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