Resetting an iPad: Factory Reset, Hard Restart, and Soft Reset

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Even with all the technology in your Apple iPad, if you install too many apps or run too many processes at once, it tends to act up and slow down. Thanks to Apple’s ability to restore devices to their default factory settings, you can clean your tablet and use it just like a brand-new iPad.

Both the factory reset and soft reset procedures are easier to complete than you would anticipate. We describe how to reset your Apple iPad in the sections that follow – obviously after backing up your personal files with iCloud. You can also check out our tutorial on how to reset an iPhone if you have one.

How to Restart an iPad (Soft Reset)

how to restart ipad

You should try a soft reset if you notice that your iPad is operating a little slower than usual but is still responsive to your touches. It may be stuttering or lagging slightly, or you may be having difficulties opening a particular app or game.

Simply turning your iPad off and back on again is a soft reset, which can resolve a variety of difficulties. A soft reset is the first thing you should attempt if your Apple tablet is having problems because you won’t lose any data or settings and nothing will be erased from it. To reset an iPad, follow these steps:

Step 1: Hold down the Power button while waiting for the slider to show up on the screen. When holding most iPads in portrait mode, like with the 2021 iPad Mini, it will be on the top edge. It may be on the side of some earlier models.

Step 2: To turn off your iPad, drag the slider from left to right.

Step 3: After the iPad has completely shut down, press and hold the Power button once again until the Apple logo appears on the screen and the device begins to operate.

You Might Not Be Able to Do a Soft Reset on Your iPad if The Screen Freezes or If You Notice that It Is Not Reacting to Touches as It Usually Does. Now Is the Time to Attempt a Force Restart.

Similar to A Soft Reset, This Just Involves Turning Your iPad Off and Back on Again; Nothing Is Deleted or Information Lost. in The Event that Your iPad Is Not Responding, Try This First.

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How to Use the Home Button to Restart Your iPad Forcibly?

how to restart ipad

Here’s how To Forcibly Restart Any iPad, Including the iPad Air, if It Has a Home Button:

Until the iPad Shuts Down and Restarts, Hold Down Both the Power and Home Buttons at Once. when The Apple Logo Appears on The Screen, You Can Release Your Grip.

How to Restart Your iPad Forcibly without Using the Home Button
If Your iPad Doesn’t Have a Home Button, Like the 2020 iPad Pro, You Must:

Step 1: Press and Quickly Release the Volume up Button.

Step 2: Press and Quickly Release the Volume Down Button.

Step 3: Next, Hold Down the Power Button While Waiting for The Computer to Restart.

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How to Factory Reset Your iPad?

how to restart ipad

You Can Resolve Any Difficulties that Persist Even After Trying a Force Restart or Gentle Restart by Doing a Factory Reset on Your iPad. Before You Sell or Donate Your iPad to Someone Else, You Should Always Perform a Factory Reset to Prevent Unauthorised Access to Your Data. Everything on Your iPad Will Be Entirely Deleted After a Factory Reset.

All of Your Communications, Music, Photographs and Other Content Will Be Permanently Deleted. Before Beginning the Factory Reset on Your iPad, Make Sure to Back up All of The Files; Otherwise, They’ll Be Permanently Lost.

We Have a Backup Method for The iPhone that Will Work Just Well for Your iPad. You May Back up Using iTunes or I Cloud. After Backing Up, You Can Reset Your iPad to Factory Settings by Following These Instructions:

Step 1: Select Erase All Content and Settings Under Settings > General > Reset.

Step 2: Tap Erase iPad and Confirm.

Step 3: The setup screen you saw when you originally purchased your iPad will appear when the iPad has been restored. You have the option of setting it up from scratch or restoring your backup.

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