How to Save Facebook Videos to Your iPhone?

Suddenly, as you’re scrolling through your Facebook feed, you come across a video that you really want to use somewhere. You don’t know how to save videos from Facebook to an iPhone, which is the issue. Fear not—we’ve got you covered. We’ll walk you through three useful methods for transferring Facebook videos to your iPhone’s camera roll.

Section1: Use MyMedia to download Facebook videos to your iPhone

how to save facebook videos to iphone

As previously stated, in order to download Facebook videos to your iPhone, you must use a third-party program. Fortunately, downloading Facebook videos is possible with a number of third-party programs.

For that reason, if you’re wondering how to download a Facebook video to your iPhone, you can use MyMedia. This program allows users to download their favorite Facebook videos instantly. The best part is that you may begin downloading Facebook videos without even needing to switch to the premium edition.

Here’s where to start:

Get MyMedia on your iOS device by going to the App Store.

Select the Facebook video you wish to download next. Select “Save video” by clicking the three dots located in the upper right corner of the screen after that.

Next, pick the downloaded video by clicking the three dots icon and choosing “Copy link” from the list of options under the “Save video” section.

Open MyMedia after that, and make sure the browser tab is chosen. Use the screen’s search box to look for

Select Paste by tapping the text box after the website has opened. Click on Download after choosing your preferred resolution.

Choose ‘Media’ from the menu at the bottom of the screen to see the downloaded video. Select Save to Camera Roll after pressing it.

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Section 2: Facebook video downloads for iPhone via

how to save facebook videos to iphone is your next best option for downloading Facebook videos to your iPhone via the web.

As its name implies, this website was made specifically to instruct visitors on how to download videos using the Facebook app. One of these online Facebook video downloaders for iOS’s outstanding features is the option to save a video in many resolutions.

Let us examine the process of utilizing to download videos from the Facebook app:

Open a Facebook video in order to download it. Select Share > Copy Link from the resulting menu after that. You then select Open.

Now navigate to using the web browser on your iPhone. Paste the link in the appropriate field after that.

Immediately after you click Download, the application will show links to multiple video resolutions for download.

To access a page that solely has the Facebook video, choose the Download option. Long-press this video here to see the “Download now” option.

Section 3: Facebook videos on an iPhone may be downloaded with Facebook++

On an iPhone, Facebook++ offers an alternative, dependable method for downloading private Facebook movies. This tool makes it simple to save any Facebook video. Consider it to be a video-downloading unofficial Facebook addon.

Note, however, that this approach requires you to download a couple of third-party programs to your computer. In order to download this, you also need to uninstall the official Facebook app. Of course, the complete procedure can take a long, but it is very beneficial.

Without further ado, follow these instructions to download Facebook movies to your iPhone via Facebook++:

To download the IPA file, open this page on your PC. Moreover, install “Cydia Impactor”.

Now connect your PC and iPhone together.

Once Cydia Impactor is opened, drag and drop the Facebook++ file into it. Do the same with your Apple ID password.

Facebook++ will now be installed on your phone automatically.

After saving the Facebook video to your iPhone, navigate to Settings > General > Profile. Use your Apple ID to access this profile, then choose “Trust” from the drop-down selection.

Get Facebook++ open. The Facebook video download option for your iPhone will then show up.

Section 4: Facebook videos for iPhone can be downloaded using a screen recorder

how to save facebook videos to iphone

Using the iPhone’s built-in recording feature is another option to transfer Facebook videos to your phone. The iPhone is a great tool for screen recording, but it may not be the best choice because it takes up a lot of storage space.

This can provide an issue if you wish to play the video for another person. In any case, here’s what you need to do:

Go to Settings > Control Center and make sure the “Screen Recording” feature is enabled, if it isn’t already.

Then, from the top-right corner of the screen, swipe down to select the Screen Record icon in the Control center.

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Launch the selected video after logging into Facebook. The video will begin to record in three seconds.

To halt the recording, select the same symbol. The video from Facebook will be stored in the iPhone’s gallery.