How to Set Reminders on Your Windows 10 Desktop?

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How to Set Up Reminders in Windows

Reminders are an excellent illustration of technology accomplishing its goal of simplifying our lives. My trash would never get to the curb if it weren’t for reminders.

Reminders can help you remember things like picking up your children from soccer practice or buying flowers for your anniversary. There are countless alternatives.

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1. Speaking to your computer is the simplest way to set a reminder in Windows 10. You can use “Hey, Cortana” if it is configured. If not, click the microphone icon after pressing the Cortana symbol. If you want to utilize a keyboard shortcut, Cortana can be summoned by pressing Windows+C.

How to Set Reminders on Your Windows 10 Desktop

2. Cortana is listening. Tell her what reminder you want her to set. Here are some examples:

How to Set Reminders on Your Windows 10 Desktop

  • “Remind me to shift my clothing to the dryer in 15 minutes.”
  • “Remind me to take out the garbage every Monday at 6 a.m.”
  • “Remind me to sign up for classes on August 26.”
  • “Remind me to make dinner reservations for tomorrow night.”

3. The screen where you can alter your reminder before setting it will subsequently be displayed by Cortana at step number three. Say “yes,” or press the Remind button to establish the reminder.

How to Set Reminders on Your Windows 10 Desktop

4. Click on the fourth option, which is by default labeled “just once,” to have your reminder repeat. Here, you may specify whether or not your reminder should sound every day.

A daily reminder to feed your dog or a reminder to turn in your timesheet every Friday are two examples of this. Monthly reminders are unfortunately not yet a function.

How to Set Reminders on Your Windows 10 Desktop

5. Do you simply dislike talking to your computer or are you attempting to secretly remind the person sitting next to you of the surprise party? Reminders can be established without speaking to Cortana. Start Cortana.

(Once more, you can accomplish this by clicking the circle adjacent to the start button or by hitting Windows+C.) then select the section for reminders. To add a new reminder, click the plus sign (+).

How to Set Reminders on Your Windows 10 Desktop

The blue boxes are editable. Cortana offers the ability to schedule reminders based on a person or location, but I was unable to make either option function. Person-based reminders are designed to activate whenever you get a message, a text, or a call from a certain person. Email reminders should work, however texting/calling reminders are more optimized for Windows 10 phones.

Hopefully, a future Windows update will make it functional. Reminders based on locations are also primarily made for mobile devices. I was unable to test it out because my Windows computer is always at my desk.

However, the concept is that you can create reminders for things like “Talk to Marcy when I get to work” or “Pick up curry when I’m at Walmart” to be sent to you when you are close to the area you specify.

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6. In the bottom right corner of your screen, above your Action Center, a little box will appear when the reminder sounds. You can opt to mark the reminder as accomplished to make it disappear or choose to snooze it for up to a day.

How to Set Reminders on Your Windows 10 Desktop

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