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how to share wifi password

We’ve all been there: You need the wifi password for the network you’re already logged into to either give it to someone else or set up a new device, but you can’t for the life of you remember what it is.

The good thing is that you don’t need to look for the piece of paper you scrawled it on and stuffed it in a drawer, nor do you need to cross your fingers that it’s taped to the underside of your wifi router.

Regardless of the device you’re using, sharing wifi passwords is now simpler than ever. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process on the main platforms.

With regard to your own home network, you can alter the default wifi password to one that is simpler and easier for you to remember (as long as it isn’t so simple that your neighbors will figure it out). It makes connecting to the internet with friends, family, and new gadgets much simpler.

How to Password Share on Android?

how to share wifi password

On Android, open Settings, then Network and Internet, then Internet, and finally tap the cog symbol to the right of the wifi network you’re currently connected to.

Select the network you wish to share the password for from the list if you aren’t presently connected to it; you can only share information for wifi that you are now using.

You’ll see a screen with all the information about the chosen wifi network, including your current signal strength and the frequency you’re using. Importantly for our needs, when you hit the Share button, a QR code and the wifi network password are displayed in plain language.

Either just give the password to someone else or have them scan the QR code to connect. The default camera app for Android or iOS will work for scanning, and a tiny link will appear that you may press to join the network.

A different option is to tap Nearby to use Android’s Nearby Share function to send the network information directly to another device (which must also be running Android).

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How to Share Passwords on iOS?

how to share wifi password

You can share information about the current wifi network with someone else if you’re using an iPhone, however, there are some restrictions: They need to be using an Apple device, you need to have each other’s email addresses in your contact lists, you need to be connected into iCloud with your Apple ID, and Bluetooth and wifi must be turned on for both of your devices.

Everything becomes rather easy after that. As soon as you are certain that your iPhone is unlocked and linked to the wifi network you want to use with the other person, have them make an effort to join the same network. On your device, a window should display asking you if you wish to give your contact the network password.

Once you tap Share Password and select Done, the other user should connect. You’ll need to try something else if you want to share your wifi network password with an Android user or need to write it down for some other reason since you can’t actually view it on an iPhone.

How to Share Passwords on Windows?

how to share wifi password

Although Windows doesn’t exactly make it simple to rapidly give someone else your wifi password, you can at least read it on screen and then tell them what it is, or write it into an email or instant message chat.

Utilize the taskbar search feature to locate and launch the Control Panel, then select Network and Internet and Network and Sharing Center. Select Wireless Properties, Security, and then check the Show characters box after clicking on the name of the wifi network to which you are now connected.

The password displays in the Network security key box when you are logged in as an administrator on your Windows computer. Because of the security measures included in Windows, you are unable to copy the password, therefore if you need to share it with someone else, copy and pasting won’t work.

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How to Share Passwords on MacOS?

how to share wifi password

In that, it should take place automatically if certain conditions are satisfied, sharing a password from a Mac is very similar to sharing a password from an iPhone.

The other person must be using an iPhone, iPad, or another Mac, have their Apple ID email address in their contact list, and your Mac must be unlocked and signed into your Apple ID account.

If everything is set up correctly, your Mac will notify you when the other device wants to join the same wifi network as you and ask you if you’d like to share the credentials. If you confirm that you do, the other individual should be given wifi connection.

macOS allows you to access saved wifi passwords, unlike iOS or iPadOS. Finding and launching the Keychain Access software is required.

After that, go to the Login and Passwords page and look for the SSID (the network name) of the saved wifi network. You may view it by clicking twice on the entry, selecting Show password, then entering your admin username and password.

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