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how to snip on mac

How to Use Snipping Tools on Mac

Nowadays, screenshots are so commonplace that we hardly even think about them. However, we employ them on a daily basis for communicating and showing.

Screenshots help us enrich and liven up our daily communication, whether we’re sending a picture of a software fault to customer service, a fast how-to GIF to a coworker, or a poignant joke to a loved one.

Naturally, Windows PC has its well-regarded Snipping Tool for creating and manipulating screenshots. In fact, if you recently converted from a PC to a Mac, you’re bound to ask where and what Snipping Tool for Mac is at some point.

Does Mac Have a Snipping Tool?

how to snip on mac

You won’t be without screenshots forever, rest assured. There is a snipping application for Mac. The answer to the frequently asked question of where to download the snipping tool for Mac is that it is integrated into the operating system exactly as on Windows, which is another advantage.

The macOS snipping tool is so deeply ingrained in the OS that it lacks a name. It just… well, works, nearly exactly replicating the Windows Snipping Tool that you’ve grown accustomed to. Furthermore, there are other snipping tools available on Mac, not just one.

In the section below, we’ll contrast the built-in Mac screenshot snipping tool with its Windows equivalent and introduce additional programmes like CleanShot, Dropshare, and Capto.

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How to Utilise Mac’s Snipping Tool

how to snip on mac

Even if you don’t frequently utilise keyboard shortcuts, you probably are aware of one or two that enable screenshotting. On a Mac, there are various methods for taking a snip. For each sort of screen capture—area, window, complete screen, etc.—a corresponding shortcut is available.

Alternatively, you can begin by using a shortcut that launches the macOS snipping tool menu, where you can select the best alternative.

What happens to your screen snippets? Every screenshot you take is automatically saved to the Desktop. Press 5 to bring up the snipping tool menu, then select Options > Save, to modify the location. Let’s look more closely at the keyboard shortcuts you need to remember to use the macOS snipping tool to its full potential.

A Shortcut for Snipping Tool

how to snip on mac

What is the shortcut for the macOS snipping tool? Pressing 5 is the quickest response to the question “how to snip on Mac.” The shortcut opens a little menu with numerous options in the lower-right corner of the screen.

2018’s macOS Mojave introduced this menu for the first time. Prior to that, Mac users could only take a screenshot of the entire screen by pressing 3 or a specific area by pressing 4 on the keyboard (these shortcuts still work the same).

You fully utilise the snipping tool on Mac, if you’re running a macOS version earlier than Mojave, make sure to update to the most recent version.

Consequently, the Mac OS snipping tool’s menu has the following choices:

  • Grab the Whole Screen
  • Selected Window Capture
  • Selected Portion caption (area)
  • Enable Screen Recording
  • and note the chosen portion (area).

In addition, the Options dropdown menu allows you to alter the destination for the final image’s saving, set a timer, and decide whether to display the mouse pointer.

By the way, did you know that you can screenshot the Touch Bar using the Mac snipping tool?

Press 6 to copy what is displayed on Touch Bar to your clipboard or to save a screenshot of Touch Bar as a file on your desktop. You can change your keyboard shortcuts by navigating to System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Screenshots.

The functionality of a snipping tool on a Mac is immediately comparable to that of its Windows equivalent. Let’s contrast the two screenshot features side by side:

  • Full-screen: Windows and Mac
  • Mac and Windows users only get one programme window
  • Mac and Windows areas
  • Freeform: only for Windows
  • Only for Mac

Full Toolbox on Mac Restricted on Windows for Editing

how to snip on mac

If you look closer, you’ll see that Mac’s snipping tool doesn’t support freeform capture. Similar to that, its Windows equivalent has few choices for annotation and cannot capture video. Therefore, it makes sense that in most situations, you would use Mac’s built-in screenshot utility.

Third-party Mac programmes, however, have a lot to offer whether you require the ability to take screenshots with a freehand selection or you simply want to utilise something more robust.

Text Can Be Extracted from Presentations, Films, Photos, and Pd Fs.

TextSniper is ideal if you want to extract text from a specific area of your screen rather than the entire screen. With the help of this OCR programme, you can extract text from just about any type of media, including YouTube videos, online presentations, pictures, PDF documents, and more.

Copy any text from the app, the banner, etc.

Here’s how to use TextSniper to capture text from any location:

  • The icon for the app will appear in the menu bar when you launch it using Setapp.
  • Choose the region from which you want to copy text by clicking the icon that says “Capture text”
  • Your clipboard is automatically updated with the text.
    Instantly send others screenshots
  • We have a tool that treats the issue of screen snips as a sharing problem first and foremost, in contrast to the default snipping tool on Mac.

You can pick between capturing a specific area, capturing and editing, and recording an area or the entire screen using Dropshare, a Mac snipping tool substitute. All URLs would be instantly saved and available for sharing with your colleagues after you were finished.

Dropshare quickly uploads each screenshot you capture to the cloud and provides you with a brief link that you can use to share it with others. It’s extremely versatile when it comes to uploading alternatives, giving you the option of using any of the cloud services you already use, including Dropbox, Google Drive, Rackspace, Amazon S3, etc., or its own 10 GB of storage.

However, you must use Dropshare in conjunction with another excellent tool if you want to make 100% freehand choices or capture webpage screenshots of any length.

How to Capture the Freehand Region on A Mac?

how to snip on mac

Capto is head and shoulders beyond the other tools mentioned above and essentially redefines what it means to snip on a Mac. You can record the entire screen, a circle, a rectangle, a freeform region, an entire app window, menus, websites, and more. Additionally, it has a powerful editor that enables you to edit the outcomes.

Open the app, select Area > Freehand, and draw the desired form to create screenshots of any type. To take a screenshot, press Option; the Capto app will open immediately. After that, you can modify your screenshot and share it with anyone.

Similar to this, you can choose to utilise a built-in browser to search for the website or open the current URL while taking instant seamless screenshots of lengthy web pages using the options found under the Web tab.

The traditional method of collecting as many screenshots as your display will allow and then manually piecing them all together is absolutely obsolete thanks to this capability.

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What Is the Best Snipping Tool for Mac?

how to snip on mac

You can see that your Mac includes a variety of snipping tools to meet any conceivable purpose. And perhaps by reading this far, you’ve progressed from being confused about whether Macs have snipping tools at all to being confused about how to use snipping tools on Macs to being confused about which snipping tool to use.

Your decision on which snipping tool to use should be based on your requirements. It’s probably a good idea to use CleanShot X right immediately rather than the default macOS snipping tool because it offers greater capability and a much cleaner user interface.

However, if communication is crucial, use Dropshare, which enables you to stay informed in a highly effective and graphic manner. Your OCR activities, such as extracting text from graphics, videos, etc., will go very well with TextSniper.

Finally, Capto, which combines all custom screenshot requirements under one roof, finds no screenshot capability to be too complex. The best part is that Setapp, a collection of 200+ top-notch Mac and iOS apps for any job, makes all of these programmes available for free trial download so you can choose which one you like most.

Using one-of-a-kind Setapp programmes, you can quickly capture stunning screenshots of the highest calibre. Take screenshots now!

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