How To Snip On Windows? Quick Tutorial On Using Snipping Tool For Windows 10!

The Windows Snipping Tool is a helpful program found in recent versions of Windows. Many Windows users choose to use Microsoft’s Snipping Tool to capture screenshots because of its familiarity and ease of use. Starting with clicking the Snipping Tool shortcut and ending with saving your image, this tutorial demonstrates how to utilize the Snipping Tool in Windows 10. So, to begin:

Where Is The Snipping Tool In Windows 10?

The Windows 10 Snipping Tool may be opened in a number of ways, but the quickest is to just type “snip” into the search bar. You may access the snipping tool by using the search bar located in the taskbar and then clicking or tapping on the resulting item. Open can also be accessed from the right side of the flyout by clicking or tapping on it.

How To Snip On Windows
The Snipping Tool in Windows 10: Accessing It Via Search

If you’d rather use the tried-and-true methods of yesteryear, simply head to the Windows Accessories folder via the Start Menu. To access the Windows 10 Snipping Tool, simply click or tap on the included shortcut.

How To Snip On Windows
To launch the Snipping Tool in Windows 10, choose the shortcut and click it.

In Windows 10, you may also utilize the Run command window to access the Snipping Tool. To launch Run, hit the Windows key plus R, then type snipping tool into the Open area and confirm with an OK or Enter.

How To Snip On Windows
Use The Run Command To Access The Snipping Tool In Windows 10.

It is also possible to pin a shortcut to the Snipping Tool to either the Start menu or the Windows 10 taskbar.

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Learning How To Use Windows Snipping Tool:

Windows 10’s Snipping Tool has a slightly different user interface. Both the Mode and Delay options are new to the Snipping Tool in Windows 10, which were not included in Windows 7.

Also different is the notification bar at the bottom, which suggests you switch to Snip & Sketch, a Windows 10 program that may replace the Snipping Tool in the near future.

How To Snip On Windows
Windows 10’s Snap-to-Object Tool

Find Out What the Primary Controls Do Below:

  • It’s brand new and works on both platforms; when clicked, it begins taking a screenshot in the chosen method.
  • If you want to take a specific kind of screenshot, you can switch to the Snipping Tool’s “Mode,” which is exclusive to Windows 10. This is covered in the upcoming section. In Windows 7, you may get the same context menu by clicking the down arrow beside New.
  • The Delay option is available in Windows 10 only and allows you to postpone the screen capture for up to 5 seconds. Choose an option from the drop-down box to customize the time between each screenshot.
  • Clicking “Cancel” will halt the screenshot capture process. You can achieve the same effect by pressing the Esc key on your keyboard.
  • The application’s options menu lets you adjust a number of settings to your liking.

In Windows, you can snap screenshots with the Snipping Tool.

The Microsoft Snipping Tool allows you to take one of four different captures from your screen. In Windows 10, you may switch between these two options by touching or clicking the Mode button and then the arrow to the right.

How To Snip On Windows
The Windows 10 Snipping Tool’s Mode Button

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With each alternative, you can capture a different kind of screenshot:

  • Free-form Snip: Use Free-form Snip if you want to capture a random shape on the screen by drawing it with your mouse.
  • Rectangular Snip: By default, you can capture a screenshot of a rectangular area by selecting Rectangular Snip.
  • Window Snip: Take a screenshot of a specific window or menu with Window Snip. As you move the pointer, various components will be highlighted; you may then select them by clicking or touching on them.
  • Full-screen Snip: Captures the full screen in one go, much like the good old Print Screen button.

When you’ve settled on a screenshot mode, hit New to begin customizing your capture. To utilize the first two, you can click and drag the mouse or use your finger on a touchscreen to highlight the region of interest. As you drag, the default settings cause a red border to appear around the area that is selected.

How To Snip On Windows
How to take a freeform screenshot in Windows with the Snipping Tool.

After making your pick, you can edit, save, or share the screenshot by lifting your finger or letting go of the mouse button.

When you’re done making your selection, release the mouse button or take your finger off the screen, and a window will open where you may make changes and save or share your screenshot.

How To Snip On Windows
With the Snipping Tool, you may edit the screenshots you take in a new tab.

Click the Save button to store the screenshot. Select the image’s location, give it a File name, and select the image format (PNG, GIF, JPEG, or HTML) in the resulting pop-up window. Next, select the Save option.

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How To Snip On Windows
Take and keep screen grabs.