How To Split Screen For More Productivity On A Mac?

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how to split screen on mac

Let’s start with Split View, a native macOS utility. With this feature, you may split your screen in half and use two programmes at once to increase productivity, save time navigating between windows and keep your attention on the task at hand. Here is how to split a Mac screen.

Let’s start with Split View, a native macOS utility. With this feature, you may split your screen in half and use two programmes at once to increase productivity, save time navigating between windows and keep your attention on the task at hand. Here is how to split a Mac screen.

Your screen will immediately split into two sections, with the app appearing on one side. Then, as seen in the GIF above, choose an app to fill the vacant side of the screen.

Your window management is exactly the same in the most recent version of macOS, Monterey. Simply select the split screen option by clicking the green full-screen button in the upper-left corner of your window, and then drag a new window to the left, out of your other windows.

In addition, Monterey allows you to keep your menu bar visible in full-screen mode so that you can still view it when two windows are split into Split View. Details on how to set that up are provided below.

Control Windows and Apps Using Trackpad

how to split screen on mac

Want an even simpler method to manage your windows, perform split-screen functions on your Apple computer, go into full-screen mode, or minimise windows that are not now needed? If you’re searching for a Mac split screen extension, we have something better for you: a trackpad gesture!

Swish is a programme that lets you manage the desktop’s windows with basic Trackpad motions. Just swipe to the right to move a window to the right side of your screen, and swipe to the left to move a second window to the left. To minimise or go full screen, swipe down. The app settings describe these and many other simple motions in detail.

Simply move your windows just a little bit out of position to restore them to their normal size. The windows will then return to their original position.

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Use Better Mac Split Screen Alternatives

how to split screen on mac

What if your screen could be divided into more than just two pieces, though? What if you could create unique layouts for different tasks? Just consider how much more efficient you could be.

One programme that makes it simple to change your screen layout is Mosaic. This simple window manager allows you to arrange your windows in the most effective way and manage much more than just the two, saving you the hassle of figuring out how to open two windows on your Mac and work in them concurrently.

Instead of wasting time manually organising every window, use this clever manager to snap them into place and enjoy your increased productivity!

Additionally, Mosaic supports numerous displays and various resolutions, so you can anticipate a very flawless experience. To adjust different layouts, go to Mosaic > Preferences and select your preferred layouts by clicking on the various tabs in this menu:

Even without Split View, you may now organise your windows for maximum efficiency.

Create and Save Custom Workspaces

Workspaces is another productivity tool for organising your many windows and apps. The fact that it brings up all of your files, URLs, programmes, folders, emails, and more with just one click is even more miraculous than the fact that it doesn’t divide your screen into pieces!

You might wonder how that is even feasible. It’s simple, you just create a workspace in the app that contains a list of all the tasks your device needs to complete to prepare your workspace for work, and when you run it, it does exactly that:

For instance, if you’re a programmer and you always open a certain amount of programmes, websites, and other tools before starting work, you may make a special workspace for that in Workspaces and launch it at the start of your work session. When you click on the workspace you require, everything you require appears as if by magic.

Additionally, you can configure the workspace’s various components to launch instantly, after a delay, and upon completion. Make your workspace your own to ensure a seamless start or end to your efforts.

Utilize Mac Workspaces and Split Screen More Effectively

By setting up your windows in the most effective method and easily and quickly accessing your files and materials, you can enhance your multitasking experience by using Mac’s built-in Split View or the Mosaic software for more sophisticated screen layouts.

And if having a bird’s eye perspective of your windows isn’t enough, you can enhance your workflow even more by including the Workspaces app in your collection. You may add files, apps, folders, URLs, webpages, actions, and more to create bespoke workspaces for any project or workflow.

Run any of them to have your typical collection of stuff open automatically, without you having to do anything. With the help of this useful tool, prepare your desk quickly and efficiently.

How to Use Mission Control on A Mac

how to split screen on mac

Your Mac’s Mission Control Tool Is Practical Since It Lets You Quickly See All of The Windows that Are Currently Active.

  • You Can Easily Discover the Appropriate Window Using This Feature and Switch as Necessary.
  • Swipe up With Three or Four Fingers to Access Mission Control on A Trackpad.
  • Double-Tap the Mission Control Button with Two Fingers to Access It with A Magic Mouse.
  • Press the Mission Control Key, Which Has Three Jumbled Rectangles on It, to Access Mission Control from Your Keyboard (on Our Mac, It Also Has F3 Typed on It).
  • Go to Finder > Applications > Mission Control in Order to Reach Mission Control via Finder.

What Is the Mac Equivalent of The Split Screen Shortcut?

We Have Advice for You if You’re Wondering How To Shortcut the Half Screen Function on Your Mac. Although There Isn’t a Straight Shortcut to Split Your Screen, There Are Two Ways to Do It.

Spread Your Active Window to The Whole Screen by Pressing Control + Command + F.

On Your Keyboard, Click the Mission Control Button (the One with Three Rectangular Shapes on It and Maybe F3).

As Illustrated Below, Locate the Two Windows You Wish to Include in Split Screen and Drag One of Them onto The Other.

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As You Can See, Setting up Double Screen on A Mac Is Simple and Quick. Split View Requires only A Few Easy Steps to Transform Your Screen Into a Multitasking Powerhouse.

Use Third-Party Tools Like Mosaic, Which Let You Split Your Screen Into Four, Six, or More Sections and Customise Your Desired Layouts, to Organise Your Windows Even More Effectively and Display Even More Information at Once.

Swish App Makes It Simple to Manipulate Your Windows with Simple Trackpad Motions, Streamlining Your Work in A Seemingly Magical Way.

Using Tools Like Workspaces, an App that Opens the Programmes, Pages, Files, and Folders You Require for Your Job, You May Increase Your Productivity as Well. Save Time and Effort by Automating the Beginning of Your Day, Project, or Working Session.

Swish, Mosaic, and Workspaces Are Just a Few of The Apps You May Find in The Setapp App Suite. Over 220 Tools Have Been Carefully Chosen from Our Collection of Productivity Tools for Managing Your Workflow, Taking Care of Daily Activities, and Scheduling, Projects, and Meetings.

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