How to Uninstall League of Legends: Methods and Steps

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how to uninstall league of legends

We’ll be showing you several methods in our How to uninstall League of Legends guide that you may use to remove the game in a matter of minutes. The approach is the same if you have ever uninstalled an application before.

You only need to use the Control Panel, Settings, or the game folder location to remove League of Legends. You can easily remove the game once you get there. You can use the specific uninstaller file included with the game if that doesn’t work. The steps for the manner you prefer are listed below for a step-by-step approach.

1. How to Uninstall League of Legends Using the Control Panel/ Settings

The most typical method for removing any application or game that has been installed on your computer is this one. Nearly all users employ the method, particularly if the game is not installed using a client.

You can learn the procedures for uninstalling using both the Settings and the Control Panel in the sections below. Here are all the necessary actions.

Using the Control Panel (Windows 7)

STEP 1: From the Desktop, open the Start menu and enter “Control Panel”

STEP 2: Click the Control Panel icon in the list of results.

STEP 3: Once the Control Panel window has been opened, locate the Programs settings and click the Uninstall a Program link there.

how to uninstall league of legends

STEP 4: After you click it, a list of all the installed programs is displayed on your computer screen.

STEP 5: There, you must find the League of Legends.

how to uninstall league of legends

STEP 6: Allow the uninstallation procedure to finish as it will begin right away.

STEP 7: After the removal is complete, restart your computer to delete all of the game’s temporary files.

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Using the Settings (Windows 10)

Using Settings to remove is an alternative to the procedure described above. Instead of the control panel, Windows 10 offers the settings. The control panel is present as well, you just need to look for it. However, using the options also makes the procedure rather simple. Watch the steps.

STEP 1: From the Desktop, select the Start button and then click the Gear symbol on the screen’s left side.

STEP 2: After clicking the

how to uninstall league of legends

icon, the Settings screen will appear. From there, you must select Apps Settings.

STEP 3: After the Apps settings page has been launched, a list of all the installed programs is visible.

STEP 4: is to seek League of Legends there and then click it once to select the uninstall option.

how to uninstall league of legends

STEP 5: Wait for the procedure to finish, which may take a few minutes. Once it has, restarts the computer.

2. How To Uninstall League of Legends Using the Uninstall File

This is one of the less-used methods for uninstalling games, and many people are unaware that most programs and games come with an uninstaller file already. In actuality, this uninstall file is used to remove that specific game or application when removing them via the standard method, which is to do it from the control panel or the settings.

However, this method is complicated since you must first go to the game’s installation directory and then open the uninstall file from that location. The instructions listed below will come in handy if you’ve never uninstalled a game or application before; with this method, you can do it with ease. Let’s examine the steps.

STEP 1: While you’re on the Desktop, click the Explorer icon at the bottom or select My Computer from the Start menu.

STEP 2: Navigate to the game’s installation drive, often the C: drive, after launching the My Computer window.

STEP 3. Once you are in the C: drive, head to the Program Files folder.

how to uninstall league of legends

STEP 4: The “League of Legends” folder or the “Riot Games” folder should be found here.

STEP 5: Within the game’s folder, search for the file labeled “Uninstall League of Legends” or “Uninstall”

STEP 6: The uninstalling process may take some time; after finished, you must restart your computer to ensure that all temporary files are deleted.

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If you know the procedure, uninstalling a program or game is really not that difficult. Several methods for removing League of Legends have been addressed in this guide.

By this point, perhaps all of your concerns about the uninstallation have been answered. Follow us for more guides on similar games. Many thanks!

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